Are they REALLY your Friends - pretty accurate (for girls ages 13-15)

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Do you have a group of friends/best friends, but you think the relationship between your friends and you is not working really well?
Do you think they don't deserve you as a friend?

  • 1
    Where did you meet?
    At an after school club
    At the park, at the mall, at a party…
    At school
  • 2
    When did you meet?
    a couple of years ago
    a couple of months ago
    Some weeks/days ago
    We’ve been friends since we were really young
  • 3
    How did you meet?
    They approached you
    You are/were classmates, teammates…
    You approached them
    You met through another person
  • 4
    First time you invited them to you house? What did they say about your room?
    they seemed jealous
    "omg your room is so cute/awesome/so you/unique"
    they said nothing
    EWW/ it’s not pretty/not your style/ugly/unacceptable
    They just smiled/"it’s not bad"
  • 5
    How often do they start the conversation over messages?
    They always start
    I always start
    Sometimes I start, other times they start/i don't know
    we don’t text
  • 6
    Do they text you back?
    We don’t text
  • 7
    Do they mainly text you because they need something?
    We don't text
  • 8
    How many people are there in your friendship group?
    2 and myself
    4 or more, adding myself
    3 and myself
    1 and myself
  • 9
    Scenario: The teacher let's the students choose to work in pairs or not; your friendship group consists of 2 people and yourself, do your friends work in pairs or individually?
    We all work individually
    In pairs, excluding me
    Sometimes they work in pairs (excluding me), while other times we all work individually
    Our group doesn't consist of 3 people
    the teacher has never set us this kind of task, so I don’t know
  • 10
    Do they hang out without you?
  • 11
    Scenario: Your friends hang out together, they don’t tell you and they think you’ll not find out. You DO find out, what do you do?
    Talk to them about it
    Get mad at them/beat them up
    What the heck? thanks, guys
    Call them/text them about it
  • 12
    Do they exclude you?
  • 13
    How do they exclude you?
    they call me names/they tell me to go away
    they talk behind my back
    They don’t exclude me
    They do stuff together without me
    they talk between them/they try to block me away
  • 14
    When they greet you:
    they say nothing
    Omg hiiiiiiiiiiiiii *hugs*/run towards you
    We don’t greet each other
    hi *waves*
    they smile
  • 15
    Do they tell you the truth about things?

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