Does she like you? (College Edition)

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  • 1
    How long have you known each other?
    Less than a week OR we've hooked up at a party once or twice
    Over a year
    About a month or so
    Six months to a year
    A few months
  • 2
    How well do you know each other?
    We're best friends and do almost everything together, from studying to partying
    We hang out a lot on our free time and/or do homework together and/or eat together often
    She's in one of my classes or clubs, and we talk at almost every meeting
    We smile at each other occasionally, but not much else
    We say hi to each other and briefly talk every so often
  • 3
    When you talk, what do you talk about?
    We have intellectual discussions and talk about current events and philosophical things, such as the meaning of life
    We talk about social gossip or tell party stories
    We hardly ever talk
    We talk about school, homework, and the weather
    We talk mostly about our lives
  • 4
    90% of communication is non-verbal; that is, words are only about 10% of interaction. How do you two interact non-verbally?
    We laugh often, either because we're cracking jokes or making fun of each other
    We look each other deeply in the eyes, and sometimes hers twinkle
    None of the above
    We casually touch each other sometimes (non-sexually... we'll get to that later), such as brushes on the arm, pressing your hand against her back when she's walking through a door, etc.
    All of the above
  • 5
    How often do you communicate?
    Less than once per week
    A few days per week
    Rarely (less than once every two weeks)
    Once every week or so
    Multiple times per day
  • 6
    What is your primary mode of communication?
    Skype/Facetime/Video chat of some sort
    Writing Love Letters (Part of me wishes I grew up during this era!)
    Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, or other online services
    Face-to-face in person
    Text message or talking on the phone
  • 7
    How many male friends does she have, approximately?
    Just me
    Equal guys and girls
    Almost all her friends are guys
    A few
    Just me and her gay friend
  • 8
    How much do you have in common with her? This includes interests, political/religious views, classes/clubs, etc.
    We have equal similarities and differences, and enjoy learning from each other
    We have only a few MINOR differences
    We have a lot in common, but a few KEY differences
    We're quite opposite (and opposites attract, right?)
    We have a few things in common
  • 9
    What level of physical contact do you have?
    We have done pretty much everything besides sex
    We have had sex a few times, and done other stuff a little more frequently
    We have never touched
    We have kissed and fooled around a little bit
    We have sex regularly and passionately, as well as everything else preceding it
  • 10
    What's her sexual reputation?
    She is not picky at all
    She is very picky
    She's not particularly difficult but requires some work
  • 11
    Who initiates contact?
    We just see each other randomly and the rest goes from there
    Mostly me
    Mostly her
    It's about equal
  • 12
    Have you ever gone on an official date with her, meaning that she knew it was a date and not just a hang out? (Must include at least one of the following: we were alone, we dressed up together, we paid to go somewhere together, (i.e. not in one of your rooms or eating on campus) etc.)
    We have been on 6+ dates, and still go on them regularly
    Yes, we have been on one date, but that was recently
    Yes, we have been on one date, a while ago
    We have been on 2-5 dates
    We have not been on a date
  • 13
    If you went on a date, who paid?
    She gave me a playful look, whispered in my ear, "let's eat for free today," grabbed your arm, and we ran out, evaded cops, and went back to my place to make love
    I did, but had to refuse her offers to chip in
    We split it
    I did, and she didn't offer to
    We have not been on a date
  • 14
    How is the flow of your interactions? i.e., how smooth are your conversations?
    We just talk like friends, it's pretty normal and not hard to be engaged
    We're constantly distracted, one or both of us is on the cell phone often or getting distracted easily
    It can be awkward sometimes, and I feel I am fishing for new conversation starters
    It's pretty average, there are occasional silences, but we usually keep the conversation going
    We have perfect chemistry, flirt a lot, and finish each other's sentences
  • 15
    For statistical purposes only, how much better is this quiz than others that you have taken? (this will not affect your score)
    A little better
    A little worse
    Much Better
    A lot worse
    About the same

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badass ( 60452 )
Posted 215 days ago
This quiz is garbage, I changed my last answer about how the quiz was overall and when I changed it form the worst quiz to an average quiz, my results changed. Hmmm 💗ty test, what does my ranking of this quiz have to do with the actual results? pretty wack quiz overall