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10 Questions - Developed by: Emily - Developed on: - 53.266 taken - User Rating: 2.22 of 5.0 - 18 Votes - 10 people like it

Ever wanted to know how smart you are? Well this quiz should tell you accurately.

  • 1
    Which of these words is a synonym for exciting?
  • 2
    If all Zargs are Pows but no Pows are Zangs, are any Zargs Zangs?
  • 3
    Liza is twice the age Janetta was last year. Janetta is triple Phoebe's age. If Phoebe is 2, how old is Liza?
  • 4
    What is the odd word out:

  • 5
    Isabella is 12 years old. Hector is treble the age of Marlin. Mikey is 16. If Isabella and Marlin have the combined age of Mikey, how old is Hector?
  • 6
    Three girls are sat on a couch. Their names are Ali, Amber and Annabelle. Annabelle isn't sat in the centre. Ali is sat next to Annabelle. Who is sat in the centre?
  • 7
    If the circumference of a circle is 10cm, what is the radius?
  • 8
    There are 25 children in Class 5. The ratio of girls to boys is 2:3. What percentage of the class are girls?
  • 9
    Noah lives 24 miles north of Kira. Kira lives 97 miles south of Mark. How many miles away from each other do Noah and Mark live?
  • 10
    And finally, what is 5n+6?

Comments (51)


Surfer dude (85348)
5 hours ago
Other tests says i have an IQ of 143, but test Said 111-129...
And it was all because the maker probably got an IQ of about 20.
a 10 year old (48678)
6 days ago
great quiz I got 5\10:(
Swifterbladejr (34754)
7 days ago
There’s an error 5n+6 wouldn’t be 11 it would be 5n+6 because you can’t combine the numbers if there not like terms.
Catherine (60899)
10 days ago
Its way too easy you guys should harden it soooooo much
Torif (91633)
12 days ago
C = 2*pi*r
So if the radius is 5, then someone explain to me how 10*pi = 10
Sliverwolf (86896)
12 days ago
I'm only in 6th grade. So, how did I get 10/10?! Also, I guessed on more than half. My mind is blown.
IQ master (49295)
13 days ago
10/10😊 I am amazing!!!
Joey Felix (63848)
16 days ago
Ugh.....I meant 5/pi and typed 5×pi in calculator. Some smart gents below got it too...glad I wasn't only one. 👌
Joey Felix (63848)
16 days ago
The radius of the Circle is not 5cm. It is 5*pi cm. Which is about 15.71cm.
💫 (54128)
21 days ago
I got 111-129 and I’m in fifth grade. I really should have gotten 10/10 because I misread one and the question about the radius of the circle was WRONG. I know because I did the work and got 1.59 cm (something else)
Simon (59807)
23 days ago
The radius of a circle with a 10cm circumference is 1.59 cm (circumference = 2 x Pi x the radius), not 5 cm as indicated. Not the most reliable quiz.
SOFI_Solars (17421)
24 days ago
the radius would actually be: 1.59. And the snake could be the one out as well because it is the only one without feet...
Kayla (89808)
24 days ago
plus im only in 5th grade and i got a 94!!!
Kayla (89808)
24 days ago
omg, some of these questions are hard!!!
Lili (03346)
25 days ago
Im bellow average.... Wow well i am only 15
Apparently-An-💗 (32229)
29 days ago
To "Hello": Do the math it was sool easy
Not~a~bot (14377)
32 days ago
No. 7 : ans. = 1.67 ; no. 10 : ans, is correct as n can be any no.
The man from Tokyo Road (42759)
36 days ago
Huh. 4 wrong and I'm average. These were REALLY easy questions. Frog doesn't belong because frogs are amphibians while the rest are reptiles. I guess my epilepsy slows me down. (I'm in the gifted and talented program, in real life)
something (97257)
38 days ago
I'm gifted 10 out of 10 and I'm in grade 5
emma (11874)
38 days ago
it is impossible, because it says treble instead of triple. there are other mistakes too