Are you emo, prep, dork, punk or chameleon?

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  • 1
    Your favorite color is...
    Any, I don't care...
    Anything that stands out
    Anything dark
    Anything neon
    Any colors that don't match
  • 2
    On your bus ride to school, you're usually...
    Chatting casually
    Picking on the little kid in front of you
    Studying for your test in first period
    Listening to music on your phone
    Gossipping about that freak in your English class
  • 3
    You get an F on your math test! You...
    Shrug your shoulders
    Relax, knowing you'll do better next time
    Pout and roll your eyes
    Flip your desk over
  • 4
    You're running laps in gym, and someone trips you. You fall and realize everybody's laughing at you. You...
    Run to the locker room in embarrassment
    Brush it off and keep running
    Punch the person who tripped you in the face
    Tell everyone off
    Roll your eyes and play it off
  • 5
    On a Saturday night, you are usually...
    Texting your friend
    Listening to music and writing poetry
    Making prank calls
  • 6
    You get sent to detention for hitting someone, except it wasn't you who did it. It was your friend. So you...
    Snitch out your friend in tears
    Do nothing and go
    Refuse to go
    Tell on your friend, but ask the principal not to use your name
    Suck it up and take the blame for your friend
  • 7
    If you could go anywhere- right now- it would be (out of these options)...
    At your friend's house
    In a coffee shop
    At the gym
    At the music store
    At the library
  • 8
    Your usual greeting is...
    "Umm... hey."
    "Hello there!"
  • 9
    You think violence is...
    Always the answer
    I don't really care...
    Fun to watch
  • 10
    How was this quiz?
    It was okay, I suppose.
    It's... not too good. (I won't take offense if you pick this.)
    I liked it.

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Michael ( 70131 )
Posted 528 days ago
Thank You test. You finally know that i'm emo.