Does he like you through Texting? (Girls Only!)

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You are really curious about how he feels about you. But you can't make sure if he likes you or not! For the curious gals Find out HERE!

  • 1
    Who usually starts the chat?
    Well it's 50/50
    Usually him
    We never texted yet:(
    Usually me
    Him! All the time: D
  • 2
    What kind Of chats do you text with him?
    It's often about school work, or maybe talk about anything ya know!:)
    Asking favors, or yeah, what friends do!
    Oohh! Anything! We even talked about deep relationships!: D
    He asks how my day was, or how was school, pretty much talking about ourselves..
    I wonder why he never texts back:((
  • 3
    What sort of emojis does he send? (or he never send those)
    He doesn't really use those, but who knows!
    He frequently send hearts, winks, and even cheeky monkey emoji!: D
    He sends Smiley face, or even blushing emoji!:)
    Smiley face, or even sad faces when he's sad..
  • 4
    Does he er.. Flirt when he texts you?
    Every time! He's such a romantic guy:3
    Does calling pet names count?
    No, no and NO!
    Well, silly jokes! He has a good sense of humor:)
    Not really but once or twice now that I think of it!
  • 5
    Does he ever talk about another girl Or stuffs?
    Well he usually ask for some advice about gals
    Yes, and the girl is me! ;)
    No, surprisingly!
  • 6
    The most important! Is he single?
    He said he wants to wipe that word single, and thinks that I could change it to taken ;))
    He's in a relationship but maybe he just broke up
  • 7
    Does he compliment about you? Anything!
    Barely tbh:/
    A lot!
    In a friendly way!
  • 8
    If he does, how?
    "you are beautiful inside and out, idc what people said about u!"
    "nice dribbling @school, you should go join the basketball club"
    "I prefer your(anything..) you look prettier like that:)"
    I forgot
    "your t-shirt was cool! Where did you get that?:)"
  • 9
    Does he Ever make plans with you? ( mutual friend hangouts count)
    Whenever he gets the chance!
    Ya, plans about group works..
    We had plans with our mutual friends:)
    Yeah, but he's really busy.. With his plans. But he's trying to!
    He wants to meet me like.. UGH! Crazyy!: D
  • 10
    What does he do when the chat got dry and awkward? (tbh I really hate this moment)
    He never wanted our chat to stop, it flows naturally like river!:))
    His chats comes slow and it finishes so fast..idk like love:(
    Sometimes he tries to find something to talk about..
    *remains silence*
    He just say "er.. Gtg friend!"
  • 11
    In what time do you text with him?
    Probably almost every day:)
    8 am till 5
    It depends, really
    Almost never so I can't make conclusion
    All day, even late nights: D
  • 12
    If you ask him out what will he do?
    He gets awkward and yes?
    He'll bring some friends..
    He said he had plans:(
    Gonna say yes, yes and yess!
    He can't but who knows he wanna:)
  • 13
    Why do you like him? ( I swear not to tell anybody!)
    He's sweet, helpful, and good stuffs!
    Well he's kind, and friendly too:')
    He's just fun to talk with
    He's hot and popular, also he is really handsome..
    Romantic, gentle, charming in every way too! <3
  • 14
    OK! Do you think he Likes you?
    I'm sure
    Of course, baby!
    Maybe yas maybe not
  • 15
    LAST QUESTION! Did you enjoy this quiz?
    Worst quiz ever
    Not satisfying
    Had an absolutely fun time!:)

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Elaine ( 61912 )
Posted 532 days ago
I can't spell to save my life CX
Elaine ( 61912 )
Posted 532 days ago
if Hagtid from Harry Potter was to write messages that will be hard for him bcuZ he has massive thinkers xD