Does he like me?

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This is my first ever quiz, so hope you like it!
Everyone has wondered at some stage if that certain someone likes you, and hopefully you will find out after you take the quiz!

  • 1
    Does he stare at you?
    Yeah, all the time, he smiles and I smile back
    Maybe, I'm too nervous to check
    No, not really
  • 2
    Are his feet pointed at you?
    Yes, both of them
    Yeah, one of them is
    No, never
    I don't know, I don't stare at his feet
  • 3
    What personality describes him best?
    Quiet, he's a mystery
    The smart one
    Funny and really popular
    Loud and outgoing
  • 4
    What do your friends think?
    He is perfect for you, you should ask him out
    I haven't told my friends
    He is not for you
  • 5
    How do his friends act around you?
    The same as with anyone else
    They nudge him and snigger
    Nothing, it's like they ignore me
    They burst out laughing
  • 6
    Do you have anything in common?
    One or two things
    I don't know, we don't talk
    Yeah loads
    In my opinion, quite a few things
  • 7
    If you were put in a pair for a school project, how would he react?
    He would pretend to be upset, but I can see he's smiling
    He would be ok, he knows I'm easy to work with
    He would groan and complain about it for the rest of the day
    He is upset, he'd rather be with his friends
  • 8
    What would happen if you both tripped and fell over each other?
    He would ask me if I'm ok, then run on
    We would start laughing, apologize and move along
    He would help me up and apologize
    He would tell me to watch where I am going
  • 9
    Does his family know you?
    Maybe, he might've mentioned me...
    Yeah, we've met loads
    Well, his brother/sister know me
  • 10
    How much do you like him?
    A lot
    He is a bit annoying at times
    He has got nice hair
    So much I can't put it into words
  • 11
    Did you like this quiz?
    Sure it was pretty good
    Not really
    It all depends on my score
    Yeah it was great

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lahkaysha ( 06191 )
Posted 520 days ago
Hey guys! you wont believe me because me and Hamish holded hands and it feels like James making us hold hands and my little cousin Shelbi took Hamish away from me and I slapped her and I said: don't take Hamish away from me you boy-taker then she started to cry and I said: yeah cry sooky baby. from Lahkaysha
lahkaysha blacklock 8 years old ( 06191 )
Posted 522 days ago
Hamish is very clever somehow him and our friend Jameson witch we call him James is very sneaky because james, Hamish, Noah and Logan always sneak up on me and lean over to me when I am talking to Indi and Alexis so yeah . OH!
I got to go now thanks a lot ok bye!.:)