Are we really friends?

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Are you really friends? Do you doubt this friendship? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Do they ever "forget" to call or text you?
    Yeah. but I mean no number sooooooooo
    No they call all the time! Hold on my phones ringing!
    Only sometimes, but it's ok I call them!
    Yeah all the time, actually my phone has dust I think....Swiffer sweeper!
  • 2
    How much money do they borrow from you?
    Don't bother way too much...
    0! Never borrowed any from me!
  • 3
    When hanging out do either of you get mad or frustrated?
    We do, but its usually not that bad...right?
    A little bit, nothing we can overcome though!
    No! Only fun times!
    Yeah, we are constantly fighting
  • 4
    When with others do they prefer talking to you or them?
    OMG talk about memory problems! ME OF COURSE
    Them, never really me...
    Uhhhh well both, we all are talking mostly
    It depends, switches depending on day
  • 5
    Have they ever taken something from you (varies from pebble to idea to love to anything in-between!)
    Yeah like everything
    Only sometimes small things though
    Yeah, but I got over it... I think
    No! all original over here
  • 6
    Do you think your good friends?
    That's kinda why I'm taking this sooooooooo
    OF COURSE BESTIES (y you even here then)
    I don't know...
    Yeah I'm pretty sure about it.
  • 7
    When in a fight do they ever give you a off topic sob story to try to make you feel sympathy?
    Yeah all the time.
    No! We only talk on topic perfect fights!
    Yeah but I don't ever fall for it. Well, most of the time.
    Yeah, sometimes, but it's not that bad.
  • 8
    Do they ever lie to you?
    Sometimes but it's usually for the best so it's ok!
    No never! Trust is key!
    Yeah, occasionally I guess
    Yeah like alllllllllllllll the time
  • 9
    Do they ever critique you?
    Yeah, but usually to help!
    Yeah sometimes, it's ok I think
    All the time...
    NO that's soooooooooooooo rude!
  • 10
    Do they ever borrow money or items or anything from you?
    Nope! They always have their own stuff!
    Yeah all the time, there goes more money. Wait where's my phone!
    Yeah sometimes
    Yeah but it's totally fine with me!

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Posted 9 days ago
yay i hope we become closer friends honestly i really care about him
Test Maker ( 74020 )
Posted 537 days ago
Hey guys! Thanks for taking my test! I hope you liked it! I hope it helped you, and oh one more thing! If you have no one else and want to ask me for advice or quiz ideas please send me an email at my test making Yeah go ahead if you have any questions, or ideas, or whatever else you need! Thanks again for taking this and have a great day! Hope this helped! -Testmaker