How To Know If A Girl Likes You- Middle School

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    How does she act around you?

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Aryan (45164)
19 days ago
How I know when she ignores me
When I talk to her she smiles
Boss (68996)
26 days ago
I love her way to much
roshan (89575)
28 days ago
asha told me that she love me
JerzyDevil (57308)
29 days ago
It says she might not be ready for a relationship, I know her boyfriend broke up with her but still, I have taken all advice and it still don't work.
Mysterious (11636)
40 days ago
It said “ask her out on a casual date” but I did a year ago and it didn’t really work out but it was my first year at the school so and I look way better than I did it’s pretty obvious from a photo plz tell me what you think I should do ( girls only respon.)
AH (97641)
48 days ago
I’m 4/4 on these tests things! ❤️ U Iliana
Death (30784)
54 days ago
Wow deadpool likes me XD
Ky (53845)
70 days ago
Kachiga Got de anser I want
Alex (24482)
79 days ago
I love her more than anything and she loves me exactly like I do to her❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Daddy (49068)
91 days ago
I think a girl likes me but idk if she does 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
antonio (74613)
94 days ago
I am a boy and I like this test
I'm a girl (44660)
115 days ago
I a girl

I took this test to see if it is accurate

I like someone and I took the test as if I was him and it said that "it is almost certain that she likes you". So I am happy to say that it is probably accurate 😄😄😻😘💋
Wow (90604)
117 days ago
Wow. I've taken like 10 test like this and evey one of them say she likes me
Tyson (45768)
121 days ago
Said that it was most likely a connection. Also said that I may have to make the first move though, which I might be too shy to do. P.S. I am a sixth grader.
A_Girl (92391)
126 days ago
I took this test ‘cause I wanyes to see if my enemy likes me
he likes me
Serves him right
Ima girl (92667)
131 days ago
Ok look his test is somewhat accurate guys if you like her either tell her or get one of your friends to give her a note saying it's from you and say I like you do you like me ? Being a girl i would honestly much rather know whether or not I like the person or not
Abraham (81845)
158 days ago
the answers to the last question better all be equal points.
A girl😘 (99785)
164 days ago
Well. It's kinda accurate. I think that not all girls joke around about liking you unless they are super outgoing. Also, if they talk to you a lot then they prolly like you. Just be nice and DONT BE RUDE!!! Compliment her if you like her, then if she tells you she likes you but you don't feel the same way then say "I'm sorry but I don't feel the same way about you" or just say "I'm sorry but I see you as a friend. I'm sure someone likes you though!!" Bbbuuuttt if you do like them back then ASK HER OUT!!! Have fun gentleman!! Kisses😘😘
sexy men love with yasshi (88833)
323 days ago
This always alsays may be or may not
anonomouse (07773)
652 days ago
is fur giez onli cuz giez r difrent then gurl