What Harry Potter House are you?

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Ever wondered what Hogwarts House you would be in? The brave Gryffindor? The intelligent Ravenclaw? The kind Hufflepuff? Or even the ambitious Slytherin? This test should be the answer...

  • 1
    So... Do you have a preference to what House you'd like to be in? Or don't you mind?
    I don't mind wherever I go, as long as I can find something to do or help with.
    I want only the best House for me. It needs to help me get on in my life without being a bother.
    Not really... I'd do fine wherever I was to be honest.
    I want the one that would help me get the best out of life. I'd probably do well anywhere though.
  • 2
    So then. First scenario: you're walking down the street and someone asks you for directions to a restaurant. What would you do?
    Give them the directions: why not? Just don't exert yourself too much, they might not deserve it.
    Hand over a map or open up the directions on their phone, showing the best individual ways, but don't take them.
    Nah. There's not really much point, what would you get out of it?
    Take them there yourself; they asked you, and they deserve to go. Maybe you'll even make a new friend while you're at it.
  • 3
    Okay. Question Three: do you think you're an intelligent person?
    I guess. I'd do okay on some tests, but no better than the average person.
    Well... I did get several 90+ percentages on my last exams... So, I'm pretty sure I am.
    Erm... Sometimes. I have my moments.
    Duh. Of course I'm clever! It's in my blood.
  • 4
    Another scenario: it's your friend's birthday tomorrow, and you forgot a present. Oops! What do you do?
    Order something from the Internet with same-day delivery. Pretty safe option, if you ask me.
    Make a crappy card with a tenner in the envelope. Always works.
    Don't bother. They didn't buy you much, just tell them you'll buy a drink in the evening or something. Easiest option by far.
    Go out and buy one, of course! They're your friend; they deserve a pressie on their b-day.
  • 5
    So then. A quick question: what percentage of the quiz have we completed so far?
    Why the hell would I give a damn what percentage I'm on? Not my problem: it's called a calculator.
    33.3% recurring, to be exact. Please note my snazzy maths skills.
    Erm... I'll go and get you a calculator, gimme a sec.
    About 30% or something similar. Not too sure.
  • 6
    Are you a nice person? If we asked your friends, would they say the same thing?
    I'm kinda nice... I guess my friends would say the same.
    Usually. People sometimes annoy me though. Especially if they keep getting things wrong...
    Sometimes... if I can be bothered. Or if I can make something from the situation.
    Of course I'm nice. Ask all my friends; they'd agree.
  • 7
    Even if this has an obvious answer... Who do you identify with most in the HP series?
    Luna. She's clever, and willing to fight for what she needs to fight for.
    Harry. Duh. He's the main character.
    Draco. Argh, his obsession with his dad is so adorable.
    Cedric *gasps in glowing-vampirey delight*
  • 8
    Would you ever become a Death Eater?
    Probably. I think about it quite a lot, actually.
    Of course not! They're nasty, and should be stopped. Not joined.
    I sometimes want to if I feel insecure... I dunno.
    Depends. Maybe... I don't know.
  • 9
    Percy Jackson time now: what would be your fatal flaw?
    Jealousy. It throws me off sometimes... Just urgh
    Doing anything (and I mean anything) for my loved ones.
    Not thinking about consequences and just diving right in.
  • 10
    Star Wars question now: Light or Dark Side of the Force?
    Light. Dark is just... no.
    Dark for the win!
    Depends. Probably Dark Jedi.
    Light. Duh.
  • 11
    Would you rather be rich and sad or poor and happy?
    No idea. I'd much prefer rich AND happy, if you get what I'm saying?
    Rich and sad. Duh, the money is much better than any cheesy smile.
    Rich and sad. At least then I could find happiness in some ways.
    Poor and happy. At least then I'd have my best friends and family with me.
  • 12
    The quiz is nearly over... Do you care?
    Shame. It was really nice ^•^
    I dunno. At least now I can get on with what I need to do.
    Nah. It was nice, but not THAT amazing.
    Good. Soon I can do something DECENT with my time.
  • 13
    Do you believe that thirteen is an unlucky number or is it just superstition?
    Statistically, it's completely false.
    Do I care? No sir.
    YES. I don't want to try it anyway.
    I don't care either way.
  • 14
    Finally... What is your east favourite House?
  • 15
    The quiz is done! Did you like it?
    It was pretty good.
    I loved it! Really good job.
    Okay... Could be improved in certain areas.
    Meh. Could be better. A lot.

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