Which Inside Out character are you?

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Are you Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear, or Disgust?

  • 1
    It's a new day! What's the first thing you do?
    You accidentally knock something over and it sends you fuming
    You turn over in bed, pillow over face..."5 more minutes, mom"
    You jump out of bed! It's gonna be a great day!
    You sit frozen as you contemplate the many setbacks you may face today
    You stumble out of bed to your cup of coffee
  • 2
    While you get out of bed (or perhaps you're still waking up), you notice a spider on the side of the wall beside your bed. What do you do?
    You smack the wall several times with a shoe! The spider is toast.
    You roll over in bed again, still not ready to start the day, and you hardly notice the spider
    You jump up and out of there real quick! No more sitting still for you!
    You let it be! The poor creature deserves to live, and it's a friendly fly spider anyway.
    Eww, spiders are gross. You smush it.
  • 3
    Now that that's over, what are you going to have for breakfast?
    Something spicy!
    Hopefully no mushy eggs...gross
    Something perfectly delicious!
    Something with no gmos! They're poisonous!
    I'm still trying to get up...
  • 4
    You're starting off your day at school or work, and you find yourself in a room filled with people. What do you do?
    You take as many opportunities to talk as possible. You love people!
    Like I said, I'm still trying to wake up. No people for me.
    You can't help but think how much the guy in front of you needs a haircut!
    Your palms are getting kind of sweaty
    You get frustrated at the person next to you who won't stop tapping their desk with a pencil.
  • 5
    It's lunch time now. What do you like about lunch time?
    More time to talk with friends!
    I like it when there's no hair in my food.
    I like it when the annoying people stay quiet!
    I get time to contemplate life and slowly chew my food.
    Just so the food is edible and safe to eat!
  • 6
    You're school or work day is over now. What's up with you right now?
    It's time to meet with friends. Yippee!
    You can't get your mind off the big stray dog across the street. They could have rabies!
    Your foot just got stuck in some bubblegum. Yuck!
    There's too much homework/ extra work to do...
    I'm fuming over all the drama!
  • 7
    You get stuck in traffic on your way home. What's your typical traffic experience?
    You gaze out the window and can't get your mind off your problems
    You just hope nobody gets in a car accident...
    A bird pooped on your windshield! What a mess!
    You honk your horn at the misbehaving drivers
    You dance to the music that's playing!
  • 8
    You go out to eat with your friends in the evening, and the waiter gives you something completely different than what you ordered. How do you respond?
    You ask for something new. It could be poisoned...
    It doesn't matter...it's food
    Does he think you're gonna eat that creepy green stuff? No way!
    Perfect opportunity to try something new and unexpected!
    You demand for the order to be fixed, and make sure the waiter knows you're not happy
  • 9
    After going out to eat, you and your friends go to see a movie. What do you think about the movie?
    You get upset when a character hurts another character
    When the music gets intense, your heart beats faster
    You can't help but notice the flaws
    You are really enjoying it and laugh at all the funny parts
    You get involved in the emotional moments and have some tears dripping down your cheek
  • 10
    You're settling in for the night, and you're all by yourself. What are you doing?
    A seeping feeling of loneliness creeps over you. You snuggle deep in your covers.
    You turn on the night light. You don't like the dark.
    You're pouting over the drama that happened that day.
    You're trying to get over the mess you made. Such an inconvenience.
    You think on all the happy memories the day held.

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