Are you ready to start dating?

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Do you want to start dating, but you don't know if you are ready or not? This is a test that will help you decide.

  • 1
    How old are you?
    14-17 years old
    18+ years old
    10-13 years old
  • 2
    Why do you want to date?
    Because there is someone I have liked for a long time...
    Because everyone else is of course!
    I want someone that can buy me stuff and do things for me
  • 3
    Is it ok with your parents?
    Yes! they ask when I will get a boyfriend/girlfriend all the time!
    No, they say that I'm not allowed for another few years
    I'm not sure, we haven't talked about it
  • 4
    Your boyfriend/girlfriend wants you to come over at 1 in the morning, but your curfew is 11:00 what do you do?
    Go! my parents will never find out anyway
    Beg my parents until they let me go, if they still say no, go anyways
    Stay at home, I'm not allowed and I don't want to get in trouble
  • 5
    Your Boyfriend/girlfriend wants to have sex but you don't, what do you do?
    Tell them no, if they keep pressuring me, I'll break up with them
    Yes! why wouldn't I want to?
    Say yes, everyone is doing it anyways, right?
  • 6
    Your Boyfriend/girlfriend wants you to choose between your friends and him/her, who do you choose?
    Try to make it work with him and my friends, I don't want to lose any of them
    Break up with him/her, if he really wanted to date me, he would let me be happy
    I get rid of my friend, he/she is all I need
  • 7
    You see that your boyfriend/girlfriend is skipping school, what do you do?
    Ask him/her to stop, if they don't, we break up, its a bad influence and if he/she can't take school seriously, then how can they take the relationship seriously?
    Skip with them!
    Act like I don't notice, its none of my business
  • 8
    It's time to meet your parents! how should your boyfriend/girlfriend react?
    Be excited! they've been waiting for this moment for a long time
    Meet my parents? no way
    Be nervous, he/she really wants my parents to like him/her
  • 9
    Your boyfriend/girlfriend hits you how do you react?
    Hit them back! a girl's gotta protect herself
    Break up! they should not be abusing me.
    Apologize, it was my fault probably
  • 10
    Do YOU think you are ready to date?
    I don't know, that's why I'm here

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Annabel Mary ( 96.65 )
Posted 6 days ago
Hey Guys!! Now I'm looking for a new friends..If there's anyone that would like to be my friends,just ask whatever questions that you guys wanna ask to me..Thanks
Teylah Tucker ( 24.71 )
Posted 108 days ago
i like boys because they are cute and fine pretty i mean they like us and sometimes i am afraid to tell boys that i like him like for an example this boys in my classmates named caleb vaughn i was afraid to tell him that i like him but i wrote him a note that says caleb vaughn i like u and i thin u are cuteplease will u go out with me