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The title says it all...

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    Hello! My name is Mabel, but call me Candy.
    Hi, Candy, nice to meet you!
    Whatever. I couldn't care less.
    Hello! It'sreallynicetomeetyoutodayiamsoexited! ^^
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    Ok, what's your fave colour? And suck it up if you hate this question!
    Ugh whatever, Black I quess.
    Uh... I like red, yellow, and orange.
    U-Um... I like... B-blue... And purple, and turquoise.
    Greens and pastel colours.
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    Nice! Alright, so, out of these, what would you most likely see yourself doing?
    Sitting in my room watching YouTube and eating food.
    Loads of different things.
    Playing and eating cake and being a social butterfly and blah blah blah!
    Hanging out with friends and playing sports.
    Reading and Drawing.
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    Ok! Next, favorite subject? (Out of these).
    Whatever. I don't care at all!
    Um... I l-like Art and Music...
    Language and Math probably.
    Ohh! Recess cause I can run around and be free!
    P.E. Definitely!
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    Now, chose an emoji!
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    Cool! Alright, moving on to RP!
    You're walking down the streets when you see some little kid crying.
    Go over and see what is wrong, then find an adult to help.
    Run over and help, maybe ask if they'll play a game of football with me.
    Walk away and ignore them.
    Ohh noo! Give them all my Candy! (Well maybe not all of it ๐Ÿ˜)
    Hurry over and see what is wrong! Try to help in any way!
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    I see!
    K, fave food out of these?
    Um... Probably pizza and fries.
    I like pasta and grainy food.
    Hmm... Uh, I like... I don't really know... Sorry!
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    Me, too.
    Now, what do you say to this...
    Me: Hands you $500
    Pfft. Probably fake. I DON'T CARE.
    Wow! Is this real? OMG thank you so so much!
    U-uh! I- I couldn't take this!
    ...(is stunned)
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    Almost done! Style?
    Rainbow dresses with rainbow shoes and lots of accessories!
    Sports jackets, running shoes, shorts and a hat.
    U-Uh, a dress with a bow in my hair, and flats.
    Black jacket, jeans, boots, and a tuke.
    Graphic T's, jeans or leggings, sneakers, and maybe a hat.
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    Okie Dokey then, what show do you prefer out of these options?
    Ugh. Bones I guess.
    Eh, I usually watch sports games...
    Yay! Too many to think of! I like loads!
    Um... Cartoons like SpongeBob, Stephen Universe, etc.
    U-Um, I like anime...
  • 11
    We come to an end! It was nice seeing you!
    Bai Bai!
    Whatever. Just let me leave.
    Goodbye and nice to meet you!
    Bye! See you l8r!

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