Does HE have a crush on me? For pre-teen girls

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    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
    Yeah, then he smiles and blushes
    No, i'm the one who stares at him!
    Yes, but then he looks away quickly after
    No, that's creepy
  • 2
    What is his body language like when he talks to you?
    He listens to me but his body language isn't usually facing me
    He seems kind of distracted honestly
    He doesn't care or listen to me at all
    He gets a little shaky and he's moving his legs or arms
    He faces me, and looks right into my eyes
  • 3
    What is this guy like when he has a conversation with you or talks to you?
    He rambles a bit or stammers when he speaks
    He talks to me like he does to everyone else
    He talks to me easily, like a friend
    He tries to brush me off:(
    He tries to seem calm but I can tell he's nervous
  • 4
    What does he act like when he sees you with another guy?
    He doesn't even care
    He looks over like he wants to break us up but doesn't
    He tries to break you up
    He walks over and tries to join the conversation
    He looks over at us but does nothing
  • 5
    Has he ever asked you for contact info? (your phone number, username for a social media site, or text)
    All of the above! he's even one of my best friends on one site
    I wish:(
    He doesn't have social media and I don't have his number
    One of those things
    2 of those things
  • 6
    Does this guy tease you?
    Sometimes, but he's more shy so...
    Yeah, that's basically what makes up our whole conversation!:)
    Yeah lol, but he always says he's kidding afterwards
    No, he teases my friends more than me
    Omg yes! it's so mean
  • 7
    What do you like about this guy?
    The way he talks
    Nothing, he's the one I think likes me
    He's hot
    He just makes me nervous and happy:)
    He has an amazing personality
  • 8
    Who starts most conversations?
    We never talk so none
    It's 50/50
  • 9
    How does he act around you?
    He's not that shy according to others but he is to me
    He acts chill, like a friend
    He acts nervous and laughs a lot
    He acts like a jerk:(
    Acts mean
  • 10
    This doesn't affect your score, but how was this quiz?
    Eh, sorta lame
    Just show my result, please
    It was pretty good

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Lili ( 0.127 )
Posted 107 days ago
My resulta were he might like me but i really like signs
3grade but i never knew if he likes me but were going
To middle together aaaaahhhhggg life is so hard
Alicia ( 00.24 )
Posted 108 days ago
This is the result: HE not into you. #YAAAAAAAAAAASSS for a sec I had a feeling. He. Choose me for something "-" I was like really n**ga. There 12 people and you pic me OH HECK NA!!!
derpyhooves154 ( 9.248 )
Posted 108 days ago
once we were just talking and he said he has feelings for me and i acted like i didnt hear him and he said it again and i had to believe it
riley.brooke ( 8.209 )
Posted 110 days ago
Oh yeah, and yesterday we were at my sisters graduation from eighth grade and he had a sister in eighth grade too and we sat in the same row and we kept looking at each other and we smiled at me and after the show we looked at each other and I could see him trying to find me and I looked at him every chance I got. When we went outside he smiled at me and stuff but everyone was leaving so we didn't have a chance to talk so we just said hi.
riley.brooke ( 8.209 ) Posted 8 minutes ago
So I got A. There is this guy who I've known since the beginning of the year and I started having feelings for him in the middle of the year. My friends make up code names for when we are talking about our friends in public, his is Rubix Cube. Recently I told him I liked him and he just said "oh" and blushed. Then we had to go somewhere in different directions. At lunch my friends told me he kept looking at me. By this point I'm pretty sure he likes me back. By the way let me describe him before we go on to what happened at recess. He has short blonde hair, an adorable chisled jaw, not strong, but loving and caring. He is a total nerd, like me, which is my type. He has large brown eyes and a rosy complexion. Don't even get me started on his personality. But yeah, at recess he told me I had been giving him the silent treatment?? No? But yeah, it was field day, so when we went back outside for the final race, we sat out and talked. He asked me why I had been acting weird lately, no? Then said I hadn't rlly and he was like ok. Then I went back to my friends and we were just staring at each other. Also, I thought he liked me bc we were on the bleachers, totally surrounded by boys and two of my best friends who showed no interest in him at all and always rolled their eyes and said no when I asked if they liked him. But yeah, so, we were playing 20q and it was my turn to ask him questions and I asked if he had a crush on anyone. He said yes, someone around here. SO EEEEeeeieie. So yeah. Do you think he likes me? I also love his name, Andrew.
Hi ( 0.115 )
Posted 114 days ago
This is the result:

He likes you! He seems to be interested, kind, and fun. He gets nervous around you, and you make him happy. This could great be a relationship and you've got a great guy to like you. GJ girl!
Miss no name ( 9.175 )
Posted 115 days ago
This is the result:
He likes you 😍

As a friend 💔😖