How Beautiful and Confident Are You?

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This isn't your average beauty quiz. Your beauty will not and is not evaluated based on the clearness of your skin or the colour of your hair.
This quiz is all about your inner beauty and unstoppable confidence.
That is what beauty is all about.

  • 1
    When you discover that your friend is spreading false rumours about you, you…
    You and your other friends set up a plan to openly humiliate your friend in front of the whole school. Serves her right.
    Avoid your friend for the rest of the year, and hope for the best.
    You shrug your shoulders and dismiss the rumours. You’ve got other friends anyway.
    Wait for the remaining rumours to die down before confronting your friend privately.
    Cancel the next two weeks of school off. You can’t bear to face your friend.
  • 2
    Your friend apologizes, wanting a fresh start in your friendship. You…
    Listen to what she has to say, and express how you feel about the situation openly.
    Don’t listen to the rest of her apology - you’re too busy trying to find the exit.
    Flip her off. You don’t have time for such desperate people.
    Can’t look her in the eye, and you dodge around the question. You find an excuse to leave this awkward conversation and manage to stammer out an apology.
    Laugh and say that it never really bothered you in the first place. You’re totally cool with giving her a second chance.
  • 3
    You’re walking past your crush and his group of friends, and you trip. Your books tumble everywhere and you…
    Leave the books where they are and run. Now you just need to hide underneath a table.
    Laugh it off, and say “I meant to do that”. The good thing is, your crush laughed along with you.
    Wink and blame it on your shoes. You wait for someone to pick up the books for you.
    Fight the scarlet blush crawling up your cheeks and leave as quickly as possible. You can't face him for the rest of the month.
    Pick up the books. Obviously.
  • 4
    You are at a fun, light-hearted party. You don’t know anybody there, and your friend is a late. You…
    Leave the party ASAP. Your friend actually bailed on you?
    Say a few hi’s and strike up a weird conversation about dogs and confetti. The laughs shared were totally worth it.
    Smile and approach a group of people who look nice. To be fair, you have seen them around before. You ease into their conversation rather quickly.
    Stay along the walls, away from the center of attention. You text your friend to hurry up.
    Scoot right into the middle of the group and begin talking –rather loudly- about the cabin you’ll be going up to next weekend.
  • 5
    Someone in your group says something that you genuinely thought was funny. You…
    Frown instead. Laughing might make your cheeks look weird. Plus, you don’t really know these people that well.
    Laugh – it’s hilarious! You wait for the right moment to say the funny joke that’s been on your mind.
    Smile a bit – you don’t want to seem mean.
    Flip your hair. It wasn’t even that funny.
    Laugh so hard that you think fruit punch might escape your nose.
  • 6
    How often you smile or laugh?
    Whenever you want to. Is this really a question?
    Rarely. Laughing or smiling isn’t really your thing.
    NEVER. You can’t afford to look embarrassing.
    Depends. You only smile or laugh to impress.
    All the time. There’s always a reason to turn that frown upside down.
  • 7
    Turns out your friend did ditch. She never showed up at the party. You…
    Spam her with texts as to why she didn’t show up. You give her the silent treatment for a week.
    Casually bring up the reason as to why she didn’t show up. Turns out she got caught up with family business. You nod and say you understand. But hey, there’s another social gathering coming up this Friday you can both go to!
    Avoid her in every situation. You don’t want to seem like there’s something wrong…but you can’t face a traitor.
    Tell her about how you met some other cool people, and invite her to come hang-out with them.
    Invite all your other friends to the next social event – everyone except her. She could’ve at least sent a text!
  • 8
    How do you spend your free time?
    Out and about, doing whatever interests you in the moment.
    Somewhere private, like the park or the beach. You also spend some time with your family.
    Cooped up in your bedroom, probably watching some old movie or reading some good books.
    You follow your dreams – you absolutely love your passion!
    Out in the club or some flashy party. For more quiet days, you hang out with your big group of friends.
  • 9
    What’s your opinion about school?
    You only pay attention to the classes that interests you.
    School? School is only for making new friends and dating hot guys, obviously.
    You always do your best. School matters.
    You don’t care about school…at all. What’s the point?
    You do your best, most of the time. But sometimes you can’t help wondering why the teacher is even teaching such rubbish.
  • 10
    Who, or what, are you most envious of?
    Literally nothing. You’re too good for that. But sometimes the model on your magazine’s front page irks you a bit.
    Not much, although you do have your bad days sometimes. Who doesn’t?
    Uh, how are you supposed to know?
    A lot of things. You sometimes imagine what it would be like to become one of those smart and funny people.
    EVERYTHING. You look at the pretty and successful people around you and automatically hate them. And hate is a strong word.
  • 11
    Is your happiness based off of other people’s opinion of you? How much does popularity matter to you?
    You are scared of the popular group. Who isn’t? You find yourself easily agreeing with what that they say, and you aren’t exactly happy with your current friends.
    You don’t care about popularity – at all. But from time to time, you find yourself hating on the people who are popular and happy.
    Does it matter? Popular people never bothered you one bit. You don’t care about what people think of you, anyway.
    Popularity never really got to you. Popular people are humans, too. You are happy with the life you’ve chosen to live, and that’s that.
    If you admit, your life does revolve around popularity and others’ opinions about you. After all, being popular is SUPER important to who you are.
  • 12
    When you look into to the mirror, you see…
    Your imperfections -- but you also see the parts of you that you find beautiful.
    Every single one of your imperfections. You don’t like your nose, your hair, your face shape…
    You’re perfect. In every way.
    Some of your imperfections. You can never be like the other girls.
    …your face? Your reflection?
  • 13
    (This one is much more serious.) You witness –along with the rest of the school- a guy bullying another. He’s shoving him around and laughing at him. You are absolutely stunned and don’t know what to do. You…
    Wait until everyone (including the bully) is gone before approaching the guy. You comfort him and offer him genuine support. And you give him a hug, too.
    Gawk a bit. You do feel kind of bad, but the guy must deserve it somehow.
    Step in right away. In front of everyone. You openly put the bully to shame, calling him a disgrace and an utter disappointment to his mother.
    Feel terribly for not doing anything. But you have more important things to do.
    Escape immediately. You don’t want to end up being bullied by stepping in.
  • 14
    And finally…Why are you taking this quiz?
    You want to feel some level of closure. If a quiz tells you that you’re beautiful, then that must be true.
    Because you were bored…
    Because you already knew you were beautiful, and you just wanted a quiz to tell you so.
    Because you feel horribly about yourself and you wanted to confirm your suspicions.
    You were interested. These quizzes are pretty cool.

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sierra ( 6.152 )
Posted 110 days ago
It says I'm more than confident you can trust me no matter what 😊 😊😄😉😇😊 😊 😊 😄 😊 😊 😄 😄 😊 😊 😊 😄😃😚😘😆😄😖 😄 😄 😊 😊 😄 😊 😊 😄 😊 😊 😄 😄 😊 😊😘😚😘😚😚😘😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😊🙌😸 🙌 😄 😸 😄 😊 😊 😸 🙌 😊 😸 🙌 😸 🙌 😊 😄 😊 🙌 😸 😊 😊 😊 😸 🙌 🙌 😸 🙌 😸 🙌 😸 😊 😊 😄 😄 🙌 😊 🙌 😄😼 😺 😄 🙌 😼 😄 🙌 😼 🙌 😄 🙌 😺 😼 😺 🐱 🙌 😼 🙌 🐱 😼 🙌 😺 🙌 🐱 🙌 😼 😺 🐱 😼 🙌 😺 🐱 🙌 😺 😺 😄 🐱 😼 🙌 😄 🐱 🙌 😼 😄 😼 😄 🐱 😄 😼 😄 😼 🙌 😺 🐱 🐱 😄 😄 🐱 😄 🙌 😄 🙌 😺 😄 🐱 😺 🐱 😺 🐱 😺 🙌 😄 😺 😄 😺 🙌 😺 🙌 🐱 😄 🙌 🐱😂 😊 😆 😊 😂 😆 👏 😂 😆 😂 😊 😆😃😇😊 👼 😆 😃 👼 😆 😃 👼 😆 😆 😇 😃 👼☺ 😇 👼 😇 ☺ 😇😄 👼 😇 👼 ☺ 😄 ☺ 😄 👼 ☺ 😇 😄 👼 ☺ 👼 😇 😄 👼 👼 😇 😄 ☺ 👼 😄 ☺ 👼 ☺ 😇 😃 😃 ☺ 😃 😇 🐱