Lesbian Scenario Quiz

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GIRLS ONLY, to test if you really are a lesbian or if your fantasies when deeply thought of are just fake

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    You're in school, working on a project with this cute new girl and she asks if you want to hangout afterschool at her place while no one is home and spend the night, what do you say?

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Andy (34638)
59 days ago
I'm a bi and I'm only 11
Aniya (98716)
59 days ago
I got
0% straight
And I got a gf
Katie (30700)
61 days ago
55% Lesbian
45% Bisexual
In middle grade 😉😉👅👅💦💦
RadioactiveWarlock (20122)
84 days ago
I'm a 10 year old guy but I still took this quiz
Sam (83943)
90 days ago
I'm lesbian and I'm still not fully out but word started spreading in my school and I'm not 100% sure how but whatever
Alexia (90483)
105 days ago
I'm in middle school and I'm straight, there is a slim chance I might be bi
Liz (25977)
108 days ago
I'm in high school and I'm bi
Aislinn (54254)
109 days ago
Hi I got
65% Bisexual
35% Lesbian
If any of you just need to talk my Kik is aislinnnnnnn
There are 7 n's i know a lot of n's anyway see ya or talk to ya or whatever
anonymous (24418)
114 days ago
0% Straight
0% Asexual
5% Bisexual
95% Lesbian

Honestly idk where they got the idea that i am 5% Bisexual. I wouldn't touch a guy romantically or anything other than platonically with a ten foot pole.
MissD (44305)
114 days ago
First off, you met in one day and all this happens?! Not realistic or healthy. This is not a lesbian/Bi quiz, it's a create your own lesbian erotic fiction survey.
GayForGurls (65560)
118 days ago
0% Straight
0% Asexual
15% Bi (Idk how it got 15LOL)
85% Gayyyyy
I'm 13 tho ^O^
Liz (25977)
128 days ago
I'm 89% lesbian and I'm in high school 😂😏
Sup_Gurls (38142)
137 days ago
Wow u guys are hard core but Im not judging Im actually really glad that u guys shared be proud of who you are and what you do. Someone once said "I don't care if ur straight, gay, les, bi, or trans, black or white, rich or poor: if ur nice to me I'll be nice to u" I think those are words to live by we all need a little love in our lives
Meredith (61853)
140 days ago
Thank you Jenna Myles for letting me want to tell my story
GreekGeek (26743)
153 days ago
I told my mom I've had 2 crushes but I've had none...... I just don't feel attracted to anything. I got asexual. There is no hope because I can't even make friends.
Riley (40222)
154 days ago
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Step Three: Say "May I take your order"
Step Four: Wait for reaction
Editor: Why exactly are you typing this here?
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Hi (78045)
155 days ago
I'm sorry that was spelt so bad. I live in vic and which school??
Hi (78045)
155 days ago
Het in in Vic wich school.
I think Im les but not sure
Abbie (22418)
155 days ago
Elise I'm in nz as well. How old r u??
Bella (02092)
157 days ago
Awww 😔 I'm in VIC