How much do you really know about Harry Potter?

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Do you really know everything about Harry Potter? Test it out in this quiz

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    *Let's start off easy* When's Harry's birthday?
    September 31, 1980
    March 1, 1980
    July 1, 1980
    July 31, 1980
    September 19, 1980

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Ran-D ( 10439 )
Posted 440 days ago
if Sirius killed Peter, how come Peter was alive in book 7, when Sirius died in book 5?
Sawda Jamal ( 94440 )
Posted 449 days ago
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ginny ( 80998 )
Posted 456 days ago
i saw the result of fourth was wrong
so i tried to comment on that
i read other comments
looks like evry one mentioned that [some comments looked rude]
its ok
mistakes happen
next time make sure the fact was right

the quiz was cool
Nobody ( 25783 )
Posted 457 days ago
Sirius Black did NOT kill Pettigrue, Peter was killed in the last book by his own mercy. (or his silver hand)
Anonymous ( 12763 )
Posted 486 days ago
Sirius Black did not kill Peter Pettigrue and you misspelled Hermione's name
HarryPotter#1Fan ( 13984 )
Posted 486 days ago
He died after sirius and, he was killed by an enchanted hand that voldemort gave him
wormtail framed sirius to make it look like he killed him, cut of his fingers, and changed into a rat
anonymous ( 64882 )
Posted 487 days ago
sirius only attempted to kill Pettigrew but did not kill him.
Anonymous ( 30382 )
Posted 494 days ago
Petigrew was killed by an enchanted hand
fictionallife ( 23277 )
Posted 495 days ago
Just an fyi, your Question 4 is wrong; Peter was killed by his silver hand in the seventh book, which was gifted to him by Voldemort in the fourth. He was the third of the Marauders to die for Harry's sake, as his final act was to let Harry escape from the basement of Malfoy Manor, an act of treason against Voldemort. Furthermore, Sirius died in the fifth book, down in the depths of the Ministry of Magic, long before Peter died.
HPfan ( 81591 )
Posted 496 days ago
Peter Pettigrew was killed by an enchanted hand.
Nimisha ( 90999 )
Posted 497 days ago
Sirius black did nt kill peter petigrew..COZ HE DID NT DIE..TILL D END