Star Trek Voyager Quiz!

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Test your knowledge of Star Trek Voyager with these 20 questions!

  • 1
    The Omega Directive was created by Starfleet. What were all Starfleet Captains trained to do if an Omega Molecule is detected?
    Scan and record ONLY. Do NOT disturb an Omega molecule because of it's highly unstable nature.
    Destroy the Omega molecule in a controlled manner because it can cause an entire quadrant to become non space faring.
    The Omega molecule is a highly sought after molecule because it is so rare and if they find one, capture it at all costs.
    The Omega molecule, created on Jupiter station, escaped during testing and holds starfleets highest held secrets and could be extremely dangerous if it falls into enemy hands.
  • 2
    What class starship is Voyager?
    Intrepid Class
    Constellation Class
    Defiant Class
    Constitution Class
    Excelsior Class
  • 3
    Which quadrant was Voyager hurled into in the first episode?
  • 4
    How far did Voyager get "flung" by the Caretaker?
    150,000 Light Years
    185,000 Light Years
    70,000 Light Years
    10,000 Light Years
    50,000 Light Years
  • 5
    Which species was NOT found in the Delta quadrant?
  • 6
    What is the average life span of an Ocampa?
    90 years
    Between 25-30 years
    9 years
    18 years
    50 years
  • 7
    When the caretakers mate was discovered, the mate:
    Was in the form of a little boy and helped knock some time off their journey.
    Sent them home in the seventh season and that's how the show ended.
    Was hiding out in Cargo Bay 3 the whole time.
    Was in the form of a little girl and thought the Voyager crew had killed the caretaker.
    Turned out to be a myth, created by the Ocampa.
  • 8
    Which officer acted disruptive, showing up tardy and having a bad attitude so he could act as though he wanted to leave Voyager to draw out the Kazon spy?
    Harry Kim
    Tom Paris
  • 9
    When the doctor program was left running for so long, his matrix started to degrade into a "cascading failure" How did he survive?
    They simply rebooted his program.
    The doctor, working alone, went into a kind of fantasy world to sort out his feelings which fixed the problem.
    B'Elana spent days looking into all the complicated programming and finally found and eliminated the cause.
    They first had to remove all of his "extra programming" such as singing and photography and then rebooted him.
    Kes used the diagnostic program as a foundation for a new matrix and "grafted" onto it the doctors old matrix.
  • 10
    Q, the son of Q, befriended which Voyager inhabitant?
    Tom Paris
    Naomi Wildman
    Seven of Nine
  • 11
    Commander Chakotay and Captain Janeway were both left on a planet to potentially live the rest of their lives when they couldn't find a cure for their disease. What animal TYPE was Janeway close to befriending?
    A Primate
    An Amphibian
    A Marsupial
    A Crustacean
    A Reptile
  • 12
    When Chakotay and Janeway were left together on the planet, Chakotay made this for Janeway as a gift:
    A pair of shoes
    A hairdryer
    A closet
    A satchel/bag
    A bathtub
  • 13
    While Chakotay and Janeway were together on the planet, Janeway was obsessed with capturing what for research of their disease?
    A type of fish
    A type of mosquito
    Big fat worms
    Thin red worms
    A type of bird
  • 14
    Seven of Nine received social lessons from:
    The holodeck training program
    The Doctor
    Harry Kim
    Tom Paris
  • 15
    Neelix was killed on an away mission. What brought him back?
    Q snapped his fingers and made him OK again.
    Seven of Nine's nano probes.
    He woke up and it was just a dream.
    They used the transporter to "redefine his parameters"
    They went back in time to when he was still alive and brought him back into their time.
  • 16
    When first arriving in the Delta Quadrant, at maximum warp without stopping to explore anything, how long would it take Voyager to get home?
    97 Years
    150 Years
    75 Years
    300 Years
    100 Years
  • 17
    What couple got married, with Captain Janeway officiating?
    Tom Paris and B'Elana Torres
    Kes and Neelix
    Chakotay and Seven of Nine
    Terry and Janet
    Captain Anthony Earnst and Commander Tina Germany
  • 18
    The caretaker and his mate are what type of beings?
    They are simple bipedal beings with a high level of technology
    They are a part of the Q continuum for sure
    They're called the NACENE which is a sporocystian life form
    They're called the deserane and they're made mostly of fumes, vapors and some kind of brown sticky substance.
    They're called the fugly. And Man are they ugly!
  • 19
    In times of great sorrow, Neelix and his ancestors take comfort in the belief that when you die:
    You go to the great forest and family members will be there waiting for you.
    There is no afterlife, you're toast, that's it, you're done!
    You're made into a God of your own universe.
    You're reincarnated based on how productive you were determined what kind of animal you will be in the next life.
    You get 61 virgins and 10 camels, 5 golden rings and a partridge in a pear tree.
  • 20
    Two people were replaced from another Voyager ship. Who were they?
    Tom Paris and Harry Kim
    Tom Paris and B'Elana Torres
    Harry Kim and Naomi Wildman
    Janeway and Chakotay
    Seven of Nine and Icheb

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Dave (79947)
12 days ago
The direction for the omega molecule is to alert starfleet and not do anything