How well do you know Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone?

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  • 1
    Which House does Gryffindor play in their first Quidditch match of the season?
    It wasn't mentioned
  • 2
    Who guarded the trapdoor to the Sorcerer's Stone?
    Norbert (dragon)
    Firenze (centaur)
    Fluffy (three-headed dog)
    Aragog (acromantula)
  • 3
    What is the Dursley's full address?
    8 Private Drive, Little Winging, Surrey
    4 Privet Drive, Lit Whinging, Sutton
    4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey
    6 Private Drive, Little Winging, Sutton
  • 4
    What was the first password that Percy gives the Fat Lady?
    Godric Gryffindor
    Doris Crockford
    Caput Draconis
  • 5
    Who was Harry's Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?
    Gilderoy Lockhart
    Remus Lupin
    Severus Snape
    Quirius Quirrell
  • 6
    What was the proper order of trials leading to the sorcerer's stone?
    Devil's snare; Aragog; chess game, flying keys
    Flying keys; chess game; devil's snare; Norbert
    Chess game; flying keys; devil's snare; Firenze
    Fluffy; devil's snare; flying keys; chess game
  • 7
    What was Harry's broomstick called?
    Nimbus 2000
    Nimbus 2001
  • 8
    Which house does Harry don't want to belong in?
  • 9
    What was Harry's vault number in Gringotts Wizarding Bank?
    Vault 998
    Vault 687
    It wasn't mentioned
    Vault 713
  • 10
    How does one get past the creature guarding the trapdoor?
    Cast it a spell (Alarte Ascendare)
    Play calming music with a harp or a flute
    Cast it a spell (Pretificus Totalus)
    Shoot it with a tranquilizer

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Me ( 85805 )
Posted 435 days ago
What was the proper order of trails leading up to the sorsers stone? I can answer that! Fluffy, devils snare, flying keys, troll, chess, and snapes potion puzzle! You skipped loike three of them! At least give the correct answer!!!
Me ( 85805 )
Posted 435 days ago
This is a 💗 quiz! Harry's Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers were all of the above! And you didn't even list "All of the above!" Like I said 💗 quiz!