Does he like you (middle school)

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This one will tell you not what you want to know, but the truth, no matter how harsh.

  • 1
    Do you catch him staring at you?
    All the time, usually I'm staring at him too.
    I stare at him, but he acts all creeped out when he notices
    Usually I'm staring, he never looks at me
    Yes, but I hate it
    No, I wish
  • 2
    How does he act when he's around you?
    He acts nervous and shy
    He acts normal?
    He acts creeped out and walks away
    He smiles and talks to me like a best friend
    He is never around me
  • 3
    What is his body language around you
    He shifts himself away from me
    He acts nervous but he faces me and looks in my eyes
    He acts like I'm not there
    We touch knees and hands and sometimes he hugs me or plays with my hair
  • 4
    What is he like when he talks to you?
    He treats me like one of my friends or his friends
    He can tell me anything and trusts me and he is always smiling and complimenting me.
    He ignores me or talks to one of my friends or his
    He tries to get out of the convo as quickly as possible:(
    He acts nervous and shy but he makes jokes and always brightens when I laugh
  • 5
    Do you have his number/social media, etc.?
    I have his number but he never picks up the calls or texts
    I have his number, and we text sometimes
    Yes, we text and I follow him on everything. We call all the time.
    I don't have his number or facebook:( I've asked but he doesn't listen
    I don't have his number but I do follow him on facebook/instagram
  • 6
    Does he tease you?
    Yes, but in a nice way, he pulls my hair sometimes, but not hard and punches me arm
    I've heard him talk about me with his friends in a really mean way
    No, never
    Yes, but in a funny way, punching my arm or saying things he knows I get annoyed at.
    No, if he does it's in a mean way
  • 7
    What do you like about this guy?
    I like the way he looks, he's a really nice guy too and he is very funny
    He is sooooo cute and hot and I love him so much.
    He cares about me and I love his personality, he is also handsome/cute
    He is hot and funny
    I love his personality and his looks
  • 8
    Who starts most conversations?
    We both do
    We NEVER talk
    Mostly me
    He mostly does
    I usually do, but he tries to brush me off
  • 9
    How does he act when you are with another guy?
    He doesn't notice/doesn't care/almost looks happy?
    He tries to join our conversation
    He acts really defensive and tries to break us up/tries to join our conversation
    He couldn't care less/looks but doesn't care
    He looks but does nothing
  • 10
    How long have you had a crush on them?
    A few months
    Since we first met
    Since we were babies
    A few weeks ago
    Forever, but they don't seem to like me

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