Does he like me?

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A lot of people have crushes, but does your crush like you back? That's what we are going to find out. Take this accurate test to see!

  • 1
    Do you see him often? Ex: Same classes together, same school, etc.
    I know him from social media
    We have a class (or more) together
    We go to the same school
  • 2
    Does he engage in conversation with you?
    I know he looks at me
    He doesn’t talk to me
    He says hi to me
    We talk but I start the conversation
    He comes up to me a lot and tries to talk to me
  • 3
    Did he ask for your social media account?
    He asked for my number
    We needed to do a project so he asked for my snapchat
    I gave him my snapchat
    He asked for my instagram
  • 4
    Has he tried to hang out with you outside of school?
    He asked if I was staying for an event after school
    He saw me after school and asked if I was taking the bus
    No not really
    Yeah he asked me to hang out with him and his friends
  • 5
    How often do you talk to him a day?
    Pretty often
    Not often
    2 or 3 times a day
    All the time
  • 6
    Does he know you very well?
    I just met him
    Yeah we have been friends for a while
    He was my ex
    We met recently but we just clicked
  • 7
    Has he talked to you about relationships?
    He tells me about other girls
    He asks my friends about it
    He is always hinting at me about it
  • 8
    Has he complimented you?
    He told my friend I was hot
    Yeah I was complaining about my outfit and he said he liked it
    He is always telling me I'm hot
  • 9
    Is he single?
    Yes but he doesn’t want a relationship
  • 10
    Do you try and flirt with him?
    I'm a little shy so I get my friends to do the work
    All the time
    No not really
  • 11
    Does he know you like him?
    I told him
    Yes my friends told him
    He doesn't know but I hint at it all the time
  • 12
    Has he initiated a hug? (Not a goodbye or hello hug)
    Yea all the time
    Never I always do
    No just hello and goodbye
  • 13
    Does he touch you in a flirtatious way?
    He hugs me
    He touches my arm
    He holds my hand
  • 14
    Have you ever caught him checking you out?
    No I don't think so
    Sometimes I see him staring at me
    Yeah my friends always tell me
  • 15
    Has his friends tried to do anything?
    Yeah they try to get to know me
    They are like my family
    They always draw attention to him when I walk by

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