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Think you're a TNG fan? Well let's find out!

  • 1
    What instrument does Commander William Riker play?
  • 2
    What instrument does the Captain learn to play, which ends up being decades of experience, during the course of the show?
    The Guitar
    The Clarinet
    The Flute
    The Piano
    The Saxophone
  • 3
    In the first episode, what does Captain Picard ask Commander Riker to help him with?
    His image with children
    Understanding how the new engines work
    Solving a murder mystery
    Help him learn the names of everyone
    Monitoring the mood of the crew
  • 4
    When Patrick Stewart asked Gene Roddenberry to give him more information on the character of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Roddenberry sent him what book(s)?
    Horatio Hornblower by C.S. Forester
    The Pirate Captain by Kerry Lynne
    The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men by Lawrence Edward Watkin
    Moby Dick by Herman Melville
    The Time Machine by H.G. Wells
  • 5
    Who is in Data's Family?
    He's an android, he has no family!
    Noonian Soong, Beatrice Soong, Lore, B-4, Lal and Gilbert
    Ira Graves, Noonian Soong, Juliana Soong, Lore, B-4, Lal
    Gene, Brent, Grant, Vinny the Fool and Cousin It
    Noonian Soong, Lore and his android cat named Mittens
  • 6
    The following is true regarding NCC 1701-D
    The saucer separates from the rest of the ship.
    It's holodecks can make real live people when used with the transporter
    It fires missiles that have to be loaded manually
    The warp drive generator is located on the bridge
    It's impulse is faster than it's warp speed
  • 7
    What did Data name his cat?
    Mrs. Muffet
    The General
  • 8
    The bridge that Scotty recreated on the holodeck of Enteprise NCC 1701 - D was from which ship?
    Constituion Refit Class Enterprise NCC 1701 - Refit
    Excelsior Refit Class Enterprise NCC 1701 - B
    Ambassador Class Enterprise NCC 1701 - C
    Constitution Refit Class Enterprise NCC 1701 - A
    Constituion Class Enterprise NCC 1701
  • 9
    What is the song Data is trying to whistle in Season 1 on the holodeck?
    Johnny Comes Marching Home
    Pop Goes the Weasel
    Row Row Row Your Boat
    Comin Around the Mountain
  • 10
    For the last question, how about a nice easy one? Dr. Beverly Crusher has a son called:
    Wesley Crusher
    Weston Crusher
    Wesley Riker
    Bo Duke
    William Striker

Comments (5)


Blaze Johnson (75105)
133 days ago
Well... Technically, her name is Julianna Tainer, since she left Noonien Soong and remarried.
Hmm (95503)
341 days ago
#5 is incorrect. Out of all the choices given, "No family" is the correct one. The one you list as "correct" has characters we haven't met. There is no Julian Soong, it's Juliana. There is no "Before" it's "B-4". Ira Graves isn't actually his grandfather, he's not related to Noonian Soong.
Captain Smley (42754)
439 days ago
B-4 is the android in Nemesis. His name is not spelled Before.
Mikey (53048)
488 days ago
If you didn't get 9 or more out of 10, your not good at next gen triv. NEW TRIV.: Which episode was the Horatio answer in?
Gul Kyoki (11766)
517 days ago
I loved it, the questions ranged from easy to tough, and for someone like me has been watching all of the star trek series sense literally the day I was born, I find it tough to find trivias as good as this one, so thanks.