Harry Potter Fan Quiz

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  • 1
    When was Harry born?
    March 5, 1987
    July 31, 1980
    June 3, 1979
  • 2
    Who killed Lily and James Potter?
    Bellatrix Lestrange
    Lord Voldemort
    Gellert Grindalwald
  • 3
    When did Harry and Ron save Hermione from the troll?
    October 31, 1991
    January 22, 1996
    July 25, 1993
  • 4
    What Hogwarts house did the sorting hat almost sort Harry into?
  • 5
    Why is Harry allowed to join the Gryffindor Quidditch team in his first year?
    Everyone is allowed to join the house team in first year
    He caught Neville's Remembrall after a fifty-foot dive and didn't even scratch himself.
    He wasn't allowed, no one is.
  • 6
    Who betrayed Harry's parents?
    Sirius Black
    Remus Lupin
    Albus Dumbledore
    Peter Pettigrew
    Lord Voldemort
  • 7
    How do Harry and Ron save Hermione from the troll?
    They knocked it out by hitting it with a bunch of books (which they probably never read, anyway).
    They hit it with a pipe.
    Ron knocked it out with its club.
  • 8
    Who is head of Hufflepuff house?
    Professor Snape
    Professor Sprout
    Professor McGonagall
    Professor Binns
    Professor Snape
  • 9
    Who said this in the book?:

    "Imagine if they put me in Hufflepuff. I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?"
    Hermione Granger
    Ginny Weasley
    Draco Malfoy
    Harry Potter
    Ron Weasley
  • 10
    What is the name of Hagrid's Hippogriff?
  • 11
    Draco Malfoy replace as a Death Eater?
    Barty Crouch Jr.
    Bellatrix Lestrange
    His father, Lucius Malfoy
  • 12
    What Department does Arthur Weasley work in at the Ministry of Magic?
    Misuse of Muggle Artifacts
    Department of Magical Games and Sports.
    He doesn't work at the Ministry.
  • 13
    Who needs second-hand robes?
    Harry Potter
    Ron Weasley
    Draco Malfoy
  • 14
    How old was Voldemort when he died?
  • 15
    When did Voldemort die?
    March 25, 1992
    May 2 (my birthday!), 1998
    June 15, 1995
  • 16
    Which is part of the prophecy?
    "To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."
    "Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself."
    "Neither can live while the other survives."
    "It does not to dwell on dreams and forget to live."
    "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are."
  • 17
    Who kills Albus Dumbledore?
    Severus Snape
    Harry Potter
    Lord Voldemort
  • 18
    Who killed Severus Snape?
    Lord Voldemort
    Harry Potter
  • 19
    Who killed Nagini?
    Neville Longbottom
    Ron Weasley
    Hermione Granger
    No one
    Harry Potter
  • 20
    How do you kill Voldemort?
    Use "Crucio"
    Use "Avada Kedavra"
    Destroy his horcruxes first, and then attempt to kill Voldemort himself; he is a mortal man without them

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