When Will You Start Your First Period?

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  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mum or a female relative when she got her's?
    Same age as me
    1-2 years older than me
    I don't want to ask / I am unsure
    1-2 years younger than me
  • 3
    How long have you been in Puberty?
    1 Month-1 Year
    3+ Years
    Just Started
    1-2 Years
  • 4
    How long has it been since your boobs started developing?
    They just started
    3+ Years
    1-2 Years
  • 5
    What size bra do you wear?
    C or larger
    I don't wear bras
    A or B
  • 6
    How many symptoms do you have?
    (Headaches, Food Cravings, Frustrated Easily, Sleeplessness, Cramps below belly button, Stress, Stronger Emotions, Spotting, Discharge)
    All the above and more!
  • 7
    How much pubic hair do you have? (Hair down there)
    Some blonde hairs, getting darker
    Dark Brown, Covers whole area, Getting curly
    None/Very little, Blonde
    It's like my personal forest._.
  • 8
    Do you have Leg Hair or Under Arm Hair?
    Nope and Nope!
    Lots of leg hair, I must Shave, but no Under Arm Hair
    I must Shave both my Legs and Under Arms, If not I am a living Werewolf
    A little bit of leg hair
  • 9
    Do you have Discharge? If so, for how long?
    Only a little, for a month to 3 months
    What's that? ._.
    Yep, A lot, for 4 to 10 Months
    So bad I have to wear pantyliners! Had it for 1 to 3 Years!
  • 10
    How to you feel about Boys? Do you have a crush, are you in a relationship, or are they just kinda there?
    I have a big crush, we might start a relationship idk
    *hugs boyfriend*
    They are just kinda there, in my way._.
    I have a small crush
  • 11
    (Answer honestly, it truly makes a difference)
    How much do you weigh, in Pounds?
  • 12
    What is your discharge like?
    Often White or Yellow, moderate/A lot, Kinda thick and gooey
    Don't have it._.
    Kinda clear or sometimes white/yellow, very little, kinda stringy
    White, Tons/I wear panty liners, Thick
  • 13
    Do you feel like you are Mentally Ready to start your Period?
  • 14
    Do you feel like you are physically ready to start your Period?
    YASSSSSS (^-^)
  • 15
    Have you experienced spotting? (Little drops of blood mixed with discharge, often appears pink, red or brown)
    Every day since this month (^-^)
    I am unsure'-'
    A few times in this past month^-^

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I want period ( 53.12 )
Posted 27 days ago
1 month or less that is what it said
Helper/Advice ( 19.61 )
Posted 36 days ago
EMMA! Stop.making me post same! 😊
Emma ( 1.163 )
Posted 40 days ago
I trust this... Every quiz i take says 1-3 months. When school starts and I'll be going into 7th grade (Yay!) and I'll most likely get it then... :) so excite . :)
Someone ( 86.93 )
Posted 42 days ago
When will I get mine I kinda don't want it but I mostly do.
I'm 12 , 13 in sep.
Mum & sister got it same age as me.
Small round breasts aa
A lot of long curlyish dark hair down there idk but I don't think it's a forest.
Lots of discharge had it for about a year. Lately been getting more discharge than usual, today got more than I've ever had, it was white and creamy.
I've had tiny spotting a few times.
The past week I've been SO TIRED. I feel so heavy and CRAMPS ALL THE TIME. I also have really sore muscles (thigh, back, shoulders ) idk if this is relevant.
I also can't concentrate atm and am forgetful, clumsy, really thirsty at the moment too. Some of these might be random but if they are signs can someone tell me cos I don't want to be caught by surprise at skwl.
Ellie ( 7.182 )
Posted 49 days ago
I got 1month or less and I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!! I just hope it happens during summer (I have till the 6th September
Lotta ( 22.26 )
Posted 52 days ago
Im scared because i don't know if I got my period for not, yesterday there was alot of brownish stuff in my underwear when I woke up but today it's yellow, I don't even know halp.
Beth ( 4.222 )
Posted 55 days ago
It keeps on saying I'm close every time it take the test -plz help
Valeria ( 4.186 )
Posted 57 days ago
mine said I month or less and im
My mom got hers at 14
I get a little bit of discharge each day
My breast size is aa
IV had discharge for a year now
IV grew breast for 1in a half
My sister got hers at 12
And i get cramps like once a day
Im moody 24/7
Plz help im about to start school
Roba ( 25.71 )
Posted 62 days ago
I think this test is accurate cuz most of the tests say that I have from 1 to 3 months and this is saying this too !
But I want help :
I have lots of discharge , I wear panty liners everywhere !
My breasts are starting to round
I see some brown spots mixed with discharge sometime !
I am 77 lbs ( 34 kg )
I get mad and cry really easily it is like a emotional roller coaster !
Food cravings every time !
Hair down there starting to get curly !
I have lots of hair on my leg and quite a lot on my arms but not on armpits!
I need help !
Poo ( 69.40 )
Posted 62 days ago
xxRedFlowerxx, i am guessing the test is right. 3-8 months sounds legit
xxRedFlowerxx ( 50.28 )
Posted 65 days ago
Can someone tell me when I'll get it?
Most quizzes say 3-8 months...

I am 13
Mom got it when 14
Discharge... lots
103 pounds
Breasts starting to round,, nipple growing
Sometimes cravings
Hair down there ... lots
Hair in pits,arms,legs
Someone ( 7.203 )
Posted 70 days ago
Mine said 1-3 months , 6-12 , 1 or less or 1-3 years!!! On this one test.
Which is right?????
Isabella28 ( .6.19 )
Posted 71 days ago
Is anyone there who wants to talk or has questions????!!!
Ellie ( 1.169 )
Posted 74 days ago
@Hellpp -- I believe that it is just spotting, as this occurs anywhere from 3 days to a month before your first 'real' period. You will know that you have started your period once what seems like spotting becomes heavier, and toy may feel overly tired that day, and have more cramps. If it doesn't happen within this month, talk to your mum or a female you trust.
Ellie ( 1.169 )
Posted 74 days ago
Help!;( -- You should be really close to your first period, most likely 1-3 Months. Talk to your Mother, or a girl you trust, they should have a closer estimate. Because you have alot kg discharge, you can ask your mother about wearing panty liners. You are really close , so preferably keep some pads on hand, because it could come out of the blue. Watch for spotting, little drops of blood in your underwear, as this can occur anywhere from 3 days to about a month before your real period.
Rose ( 7.199 )
Posted 77 days ago
I' am less than a month away my bestie is too!!! Nervous but excited ( I guess ) !!!!!!
Lol ( 39.93 )
Posted 82 days ago
I took this quiz and it said 1 month or less and the next day I got my period!!
Help!;( ( 47.54 )
Posted 82 days ago
I'm eleven I want my period so bad I think I've had cramps not sure but I'm tired all the time and am crazy emotional I have a little hair down there and no armpit hair but a lot of leg hair I have had discharge for a while and it's a lot and my breasts have been growing for SO LONG but I still fond have my period!!!!
Carly ( 7.102 )
Posted 82 days ago
kill me 1-3 months 😣 a few months ago i really wanted my period...now I'm scared any tips??
Hellpp ( 54.51 )
Posted 84 days ago
K, ive had spotting on and of this whole month...so thats my period?