What girl is your type?

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If you don't already know, learn which type of girl is the best for you and your personality.

  • 1
    Have you had a girlfriend before?
    No, but I really really want one.
    I've only had 1-3, but we were in love <3
    Yes. I've had around 5-10
    Of course! I've had too many to count
    Nope, and I don't know if I want one.
  • 2
    How many friends do you have?
    So many! Like a hundred or more (I'm really popular)
    I have a bunch, but not as many as some people my age
    I have 0 to 3 friends... I really need to get out more
    I have some good friends that are really close to me
    There's a bunch of people I'd consider friends, but a lot of them don't consider me as a friend
  • 3
    Do girls think you're good-looking?
    Um yeah! Like all of my girl friends tell me I'm hot.
    A few girls have told me I'm handsome. And most girls can't take their eyes off of me.
    All my past girlfriends said I was hot, but nothing has happened besides that
    I have never been complimented on my looks before
    No, not besides my family
  • 4
    Choose the personality that best matches you.
    Depressed, sad, lonely, and hopeless
    Athletic, strong, friendly, and cool
    Funny (I make everyone laugh), really social, happy, and carefree
    Nerdy/dorky (but I'm proud), smart, and friendly
    Super popular, happy, busy, and awesome
  • 5
    What type of girl are you attracted to? (Choose a personality)
    One that's very smart and in all honors classes, she enjoys math or science more than music or art
    A girl that's the class clown, she's nice, and has a lot of friends
    Drop-dead gorgeous, popular, super social, and friendly
    A girl that acts like an angel because she's super nice, social, pretty, and friendly to everyone
    Very athletic and great at sports, pretty, and social
  • 6
    What type of person do you need in your life?
    One that can help me learn and study in and out of school
    One that's as cool and amazing as me
    Someone that shares my love of sports
    One that is extremely caring and doesn't give up on you
    Someone that can lift me up when I'm feeling down by using humor
  • 7
    What are/were your grades like in school?
    Straight A's! It was too easy.
    I got mostly all B's, because school isn't my priority
    I got A's and B's! Yay!
    I don't know and I don't care... probably like D's or F's
    I think I got B's and C's, but I don't know, I didn't pay attention to them much.
  • 8
    What does your dream girl look like?
    She has her own style of clothing, but it's very pretty and modest
    She's a ginger, and she always wears belts and tucked in shirts. She also has glasses.
    She is really in-shape and wears mostly sports clothing
    She has a big chest and wears the most stylish clothes. She always looks so put-together!
    She's very casual, always wearing jeans and a t-shirt
  • 9
    What matters to you more? Education, personality, or looks?
    Totally looks! She has to be the most beautiful girl around
    Personality. Girls with a bad personality aren't attractive.
    Looks, mostly how in shape she is
    Education! Nothing is more important!
    Personality... She has to be amazing in her own way.
  • 10
    What do you do for fun?
    Go jogging or play soccer.
    Cry. JK, But I don't really do anything that much
    Work on my latest stand-up comedy lines
    Study for the next test, which is like a month away!
    Spend time on social media, posting the perfect pictures.

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GuyInLove ( 79295 )
Posted 49 days ago
Im happy, it says my girlfriend would be a Angel, and the way he described the girl of my dreams as a angel, it matches pretty good with someone i have a crush on
#TheREAL ( 16806 )
Posted 307 days ago
The whole thing guessed wr
ong! It says my girlfriend would be a NERD!! i not even like nerd girls!! 💗