Does She Like You? Quiz

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Have you ever wondered if a girl is into you? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    How does she act around you?
    She ignores me:(
    When I try to talk to her she gives me the cold shoulder
    We don't talk
    When we talk her face gets a bit pink and she acts weird
    She giggles, and make bad jokes...
  • 2
    How do her friends act when she is around you?
    They purposely walk the other way
    I don't see her, at all:(
    They push us together and walk behind us
    They say things like: "HOLD HANDS!" And then laugh
  • 3
    Does she make an effort to come and find you?
    Her friends try to make her come over
    We hang out all of the time
    I go and find her
  • 4
    How does she act around you?
    She avoids me at all costs
    She acts like she does around all of the other guys
    She keeps on talking about random things and making bad jokes
    She doesn't really talk to me, but if I talk to her she goes red in the face
  • 5
    Have you heard any rumours about her liking you?
    Nope, but I heard something about her liking someone else
    Yes, I overheard her friends talking about it
    She told me she liked me
  • 6
    Has she started dressing differently?
    Nope, same old, same old.
    I don't see her at all
    A lot, now she is wearing makeup
    Just a little bit. She did her hair differently every morning, and has starting wearing perfume. (But it's not like I have be smelling her...)
  • 7
    Have you ever touched her, held her hand, etc?
    I tried, but she screamed "COOTIES" and ran off
    We held hands when we were walking home from school!
    I've hugged her once
    We've actually kissed before.
  • 8
    Does she know that you like her?
    No, but I've made hints
    Rumours are going around that I do
    I've told her
    She knows, and avoids me because of it.
  • 9
    How do you act around her, and how does she respond.
    We are enemies
    I open doors for her, say "hi" to her in the hallways. (Afterwards I catch her smiling at me)
    I try to be nice to her, but she gives me the cold shoulder
    I talk to her, or even walk by and she stops what she is doing so we can talk
  • 10
    Last Question:
    Do you do stuff after school together?
    We do stuff together with our group of friends
    We don't
    We talk alone, and go for walks just to two of us
    We only hang out at school

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