Do You Public Shame Your Kids?

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Or if you like have no kids, then would be you a parent that shame would your kids future?

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    Your 13 year old daughter is wearing your bikini. One part of it falls off in public. What do you do?
    I sharply rebuke her for being such a whore. Pull down her pants and give her a bare buttocks spanking. Then I make her march back just as she is after she has apologized to everyone for exposing herself!
    I cover her up immediately. There is no lecture. She has been through enough.
  • 2
    Your son is in the store whining because he can't get a new toy. Now what do you do?
    That doesn't happen.
    I acknowledge he wants the toy and suggest he puts it on his Satan's Goodie List.
    I scold him severely and spank him.
  • 3
    You just caught your teenage daughter looking at *gasp* nude men! What now?
    I make her hold a sign out on a busy intersection that reads, "I enjoy looking at nude men. I'm a whore."
    I talk to her about her sexual development and answer any questions she may have.
    Look...doesn't happen here.
  • 4
    You walk in on your son masturbating in the living room. The lights are on and the windows are open. You told him a thousand times to do his private things in private. How do you deal with him?
    In case you've not figured it out...not happening.
    I make him do it outside in broad day light.
    I explain to him that he needs to do that in private cause others can see him.
  • 5
    Your daughter brings home a detention slip. She feelings genuinely ashamed that she had taped the gerbil to the teacher's desk. Who jumped a mile. How do you handle this?
    I make her dress up as a gerbil all month in school.
    I acknowledge she is sorry but still require her to apologize to her teacher Mr. Snigglesbottom.
  • 6
    Bare butt spanking...would you do it?
    Wtf! No!
  • 7
    Your son is making fun of an obese woman. Calling her a cow and a fat ho ho. Now what?
    I explain to him that we need to respect people of all shapes and sizes and her feelings were hurt and that we do not understand her condition.
    You dress him up in a fat suit and make him go out in public that way for a week.
    Now I want a steak!
  • 8
    You catch your daughter picking her nose again! You've been trying to teach her not now what?
    *Picks Nose*
    Next time she does it, I point it out to everyone in the room so all eyes fall on her.
    I explain to her that if she must do that, to do it in private. Somethings are done in private like poo poo.
  • 9
    Your son is outside taking a piss. He has problems with his zipper. How do you handle it?
    Where is he taking the piss to?
    I let him handle it. If he needs help, I send his father to help or give him a towel so he can cover himself.
    I take him back to get help. Not my fault if his hot dog is showing.
  • 10
    Your daughter just let out a tremendous fart. How do you respond?
    I tell the clerk at the store the next day all about it.
    I ignore it. No need to shame her.
  • 11
    You are at Walmart. Your son left his pissy all over the seat. What do you do with him?
    Wally World!
    I yell at him in public and then make him march back in there and clean it up.
    I quietly explain to him to not do that because others go in after him.
  • 12
    Your daughter is singing karaoke. You get up there and start singing "The Lime in the Coconut." Her face turns redder than a real ripe tomato. Now you break out your crazy dance moves. She runs off the stage in tears. There is only so much of your twerking she can take.

    Would you do this?
    No, that's just mean.
    Oh helllllll yes!
    I want some potato skins.
  • 13
    Your son brought home his new girlfriend. Would you show her his naked baby pictures?
    No, that is for him to do when and if they get married and if he wants.
    Rolling doughnuts.
    Yes, what's the big deal?
  • 14
    Your son vandalized a person's property by burning it to the ground. What now?
    I give him a bare buttocks spanking in front of the owner, myself, his siblings, their siblings, and the police officer!
    I have to take a poopy.
    He apologizes to the person and his allowance goes towards paying for a new shed.
  • 15
    You are at your family's reunion. You find out your daughter has been smoking weed. You confront her but she denies it. You place the evidence in front of her and yell at her for lying.

    What else do you do?
    I feel better.
    I'd not do that. I'd take her in private and talk to her about it.
    I am so furious that she not only lied to me but is smoking weed that I take her right there and spank her bare buttocks in front of everyone!

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Oreo Kid ( 02938 )
Posted 453 days ago
I'm just taking this quiz for fun. And by the way no butt spanking for me. Or anyone else.
I don't know you ( 02938 )
Posted 464 days ago
Even though I am not married. I would not just embarrass them. How rude. I do not want them to lose friends. Plus I don't think that runs in my family. Also giving bare butt spanking is gross. I would not know what they have bin doing
Oreo Mochida ( 12841 )
Posted 481 days ago
I choose to talk to them in private ( when i get kids 1 day XD ) instead of hitting and screaming at them because I want to be a better mom and I know what it feels like to be screamed at 24 hours.