Am I gay (12-18 y/o boys)

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    What kind of porn do you watch?

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Tri (25562)
56 days ago
Will the same thing happed to me every test either says I am bi or gay
The pan man (64101)
64 days ago
Ummm, not gay... I'm under the b in LGBTQ
homosexual :) (69426)
76 days ago
uhhhhhhhhh im pretty sure the "have sex" part seriously isnt meant for kids like 12-14 but maybe the 💗part since there are already kids watching them ._.
Hasten (97231)
85 days ago
I'm probably gay but jeez some of these questions (like the💗ones) are probably not meant for 12-14
Günther (04180)
97 days ago
I always knew it ;)
Lev (85110)
104 days ago
it says 12-18 yr old but the questions ask do you watch 💗or would you want to "you know what"
Will (67030)
136 days ago
I’ve done over 12 tests and they all say bisexual
Anymous (36677)
166 days ago
I got gay but I mean I'm 13 And I'll be honest I do look at other boys and yes I have had some what a short sexual encounter with another boy.
Haha and I loved it
Anymous (36677)
167 days ago
I got gay and I'm glad but jeez some of the questions turned me on
Mark (62103)
169 days ago
I put this under another name because friends waiting for my results they they all got straight
't think I'm bi maybe bi curious in locker room you can't help but look at other boys god gave us eyes
Jack (78920)
185 days ago
Hi guys, I'm Jack the creator of this test. I'd love to hear from you guys you please email me! You can find my email on this page. Love you all!
Boy (48865)
186 days ago
Im gay and 11 i will turn twelve next month
?????? (82629)
245 days ago
i did and im gay but im not even fricking 12 yet still 11
Iluv Sucking (38896)
251 days ago
I guess I'm gay... hehe I knew it!
purpleP (13425)
251 days ago
Who else got hard reading this test? lol
Maxwell (59019)
258 days ago
bi is life
bi is truth
dayk (22374)
363 days ago
Im apparently gay.. this is close but wrong however, I'm sure im bi
Nic (73361)
369 days ago
Aparently I'm bi I don't disagree but I think I'm abit more gay lolz
N1ck (90053)
429 days ago
I'm bi. This quiz could have been a little less perverted.
Bob 29xxx (06308)
431 days ago
I'm 17 years old and I'm still in the closet but I will come out someday and when I do I'll be so proud. And btw I knew I was gay because I got boners just looking at guys in school