When will I start my period test!

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This test will help you to know when you are going to become a young lady! And how to get prepared!

  • 1
    How old are you?
    8 to 9
    14 to 15
    16 plus
    10 to 11
    12 to 13
  • 2
    How big would you say your boobs are?
    They are small but starting to bloom!
    Almost full size!
    Whenever I look down they look like triangles!
    My what's?
    They are full size! I'm fed up with lugging them round!😂
  • 3
    How much hair is there....down...there?
    Dunno! To be honest I don't really look down..there!
    Full, bushy and very curly! It's like a blooming afros down there!
    Halfway between none and full!
    A tad! Light and wispy!
  • 4
    How much hair do you have on your legs arms and armpits?
    Bushy! But can't be bothered to shave!
    Loads! If I didn't shave my mates would mistake me for a gorilla!😂
    Halfway there!
    I dunno!😂
    A little bit but light and wispy!
  • 5
    Do you have any discharge?
    A bit its stringy and white/cream in colour!
    Yep some! It's green/yellow!😂 Me: Go to he doctor it could be an infection...or you've been abducted by aliens!😂
    Absolutely loads! It's that bad pantyliners are now a part of me!😂
    What's that?😂
    Yep quite a lot! It's white/ cream! And feels pretty weird! 😂
  • 6
    How much would you say you weigh?
    Less than all of them!
    70 to 80
    80 to 100
    100 plus!😂
  • 7
    Are you moody?
    Every single day! How dare you ask me this question!😫🙇😈😭
    Nope I'm always cheery as anything!🌈
    Every few days!😪
    A few times a week!😟
  • 8
    Have you had any cramps below your belly button?😕
    Every week or few days!🙇
    All the time everyday! It hurts sooo bad!😭🙇😫😫🙇😭
    A few times!
  • 9
    Are you interested in boys? Kissing or...you know what!😂😂😂
    All three!💋💜🔥
    Ewwwwww! No!😂 Playing out is way better!
    The first!💜
    The first two!💋
  • 10
    Have you had any red/brown stuff in your underwear recently?😂
    Once or twice!
    Nope! What's that?
  • 11
    When did your mum start hers?😂
    Same age!💜
    I know but I can't be bothered saying! Me: Us two can relate!😂💜
    I dunno!😂💜
  • 12
    Are you defiantly a girl? Or are you a boy pranking me? 😂💜
    Trust me Melissa I'm a girl!😂💜
    You've been pranked!
    What do you think I am a monkey?😂Me: Well yes if you're a girl who hasn't shaved recently! Like me!😂💜
  • 13
    What would you prefer to wear on your period?😂💜
    All of the above!💜
    I don't know what any of these are!😂💜
    Panty liner!💜
    Day or Night one pad!💜
  • 14
    Do you have any spots?💜👑👑💜🌈💜Also known as acne! .😂💜🌈👑👑🌈😂💜
    I have had them before!💜
    A bit!💜
    A few!
  • 15
    How bad do you want your period?😂💜
    YESSS! I WANT IT SO BAD!😂🌈👑💋💋👑🌈💜😂💜
    I kinda want it!😂💜
    I never want to get it! EVER! 😂💜😈
    I dunno!😂💜
    Not at all!💜😂

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Anonymous ( 37080 )
Posted 48 days ago
I'm 15 and haven't started I'm scared bc I feel like I will NEVER get it. I don't ever have any cramps or pain like that. I have all the other symptoms except the spotting. PLZZZZ HELP ME, What should I do?
random gal ( 36004 )
Posted 57 days ago
Dear Abby, please don't do it!! You will regret it so much, your too young!! You and your bf can just stick to what you know. Please dont go and do something 💗 like having 💗 You will be humilliated, and you will regret it. Its okay to think like that, your just growing. But please, please PLEASE don't do it!!
RUB•E ( 35235 )
Posted 57 days ago
Can someone plzzzzzzzz help me
12, 13 in January
85 pounds
Average height
32AA bra (not cups)
Decent acne
Often wear pantyliners
I THINK I have spotting, there were some brown dots before
Had discharge for longer than 6mths
Been in puberty for 2+ years
I have force colour pubic hair
Wispy pit hair
Noticeable leg hair
I get pretty bad cramps every other day
Headaches pretty often took painkillers for cramps a couple times

Helpful people in the world please respond ASAP and forwarding thanks 😘
Charley ( 92919 )
Posted 63 days ago

You should be getting your period in upcoming weeks my guess is probs two weeks
Be prepared
Charley ( 92919 )
Posted 63 days ago
Genna no it's spotting it means you'll get it in the next few weeks good luck 😉
Charley ( 92919 )
Posted 63 days ago
Abbie pleaseeeee don't you are too young and if you go through with this you will regret it when you're older please don't
Abbie ( 70544 )
Posted 83 days ago

U really should talk to ur mom about this. She had to go through the exact same thing and she has experience with this. If u don't have the best relationship with ur mom or don't talk to her then maybe talk to a close female teacher or one of ur friends moms. About ur( the word is gonna get bleeped out but whatever) 💗, by lopsided do u mean one is bigger than th other? If so this happened to me and my doctor reassured me that this is perfectly normal. U can't prevent it but they will even out as you grow. If like me, ur 💗 hang weirdly down when ur not wearing a bra then u can try and excersize a bit more so they don't sag as much so that they will eventually be able to stay up by themselves. Hope this helped.
Abbie ( 70544 )
Posted 83 days ago
Gaara fan

I think u should really start preparing yourself. I don't want to get ur hopes up or anything but just in case carry extra underwear, pads,paracetamol and a black cardigan around with u everywhere u go. The black cardigan to cover ur bum if ur wearing white and it comes. Be prepared. I'm 11 as well(12 in October) I started mine on the 26th April 2017. 5 months ago I was a desperate 11 year old searching for a quiz to tell me that period was coming soon. I kept getting 5-6 months and I was so upset but honestly these quizzes don't know ur body. Yes they have a rough guess but they can't be sure.
Abbie ( 70544 )
Posted 83 days ago
I'm 11 and I started my period April 26th 2017. Question nine got me cos me and my boyfriend always sext each other and we r thinking of going all the way. I know I'm underage and I know it's illegal and I'm from a Christian family but I love him and he loves me and he makes we 💗 and we have seen each other naked and he says he dreams of 💗 me every night and we really want to. Should I or should I not?
Gaara fan ( 92563 )
Posted 85 days ago
I'm 11 , got discharge (so bad gotta wear pantyliners),had spotting and I can't be bothered to write any more so I'm just gonna say that on tests I've gotten 1 month , 2-3 months and go check ur pants!!!!
Can someone estimate
Unicorn 🦄 ( 82890 )
Posted 87 days ago
Hi I'm 13 (14 in 5 months Ik it's a lil while from now but I've been 13 for awhile) Anywho, I'm 5'4.5 and 102lb I've have discharge for about a year plus now and I have a lot but don't where pantyliners. My leg hair and armpit hair is noticeable but not bushy and curly ( mom won't let me shave yet) pubic hair long curly and dark but not everywhere. Bra size is a 32A and the girls are rounded. I've been have cramps or stomachaches around my belly button on one day every week for the past 2 weeks. Haven't had spotting I do have interest in guys and I've been moody everyday or so. Please help estimate me Thanks~ unicorn 🦄
Em ( 34454 )
Posted 104 days ago
Sorry I didn't realize I posted the other thing. Anyway, I turn 13 in 10 days. I have buds but ZERO 💗. I have LOADS of discharge that sometimes soaks through my underwear, but I haven't spotted. I've had discharge for about 5 months. I have TONS of leg and arm hair, but the hair on my armpits is light blonde. (I have dirty blonde hair on my head). I sweat A LOT, I'm always moody, always have cramps, etc. My hair down there is halfway developed. My hair has gotten greasier. I am 5'1 and 76 pounds. I've been craving chocolate terribly for the past two months. Have an estimated time anyone????
Em ( 34454 )
Posted 104 days ago
I am 12, almost 13 years old.
Emily ( 34454 )
Posted 104 days ago
Jaclyn I'm sorry to say that there really isn't a way to prevent your breats from coming in lopsided. However, make sure the bra hour wearing fits you perfectly because that might help!
Jaclyn ( 27577 )
Posted 105 days ago
Hi I just turned 13 and I just began to get discharge that looks like boogers in my underwear.. I am very embarrassed to talk to my mom about this type of stuff.. Also my 💗 are coming in lopsided how do I prevent that if I can?? I have no idea what age my mom had her peroid.. I have taken this test many times and luckily for me the time esamatiln has decreased but I am so scared to get mine plz help me
Megan ( 17675 )
Posted 163 days ago
Hi! I'm 12 years old (turned twelve on april 19th). I have a medium to small amount of long-ish hair down there. I have had discharge for about 4-5 months. My discharge is white streaks in my underwear. I am only like 4'7 and I weigh like 65 pounds (underweight). I have little round circles that aren't like big enouph to be [BEEP], but almost big enouph to be buds. I don't really have armpit hair, but I do have like blonde to dirty blonde leg hair. (I have dirty blonde hair on my head). I'm tiny for my age but am showing a few symptoms. What do you think?
Genna ( 18265 )
Posted 164 days ago
I've had brownish reddish stuff and I started wearing pads, is that my period
Hi ( 27627 )
Posted 166 days ago
Ella if u had brown discharge it was probably your first piriod
Hailey ( 88744 )
Posted 172 days ago
Hi my name is hailey and i get alot and i mean a lot of discharge and it is gross and i have a lot of leg hair and pubic and haft to shave every week and i have arm pit hair and i get cramps alot it hurts when will i get my period
Kayleigh ( 62240 )
Posted 183 days ago
Help I'm 11 and I get loads of discharge and I get brown discharge I have arm leg,pubic and under arm hair and I get cramps and my toots are medium when will I get my period 😔