Does she like me?

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Having trouble figuring out what she thinks of you or if she likes you? Take this test!

  • 1
    When you are together what do you talk about?
    We are never together:(
    About things that happened lately, pets, sports, common topics...
    About deep things (like the meaning of life)
    Sexual things
    We hardly talk much -_-
  • 2
    How often do you talk?
    Once a week/a little bit
    More often per week
    Almost every day
    We can't stop talking
  • 3
    How do her friends react with you around?
    They ignore me or don't even realize I'm there
    They push us into each other
    Just look at me and from time to time smile at me
    They point at me
    We are also friends so just the usual
  • 4
    Did you already go on something date like?
    Yeah, totally official and everything
    We don't even talk much
    Not really but we already met up just the two of us
    My friends are telling me too but I'm unsure
    I'm taking this test to figure out if I should ask her out
  • 5
    How does she act around you?
    She always wants to be around you, compliments you...
    We don't talk much
    Normal like around everyone else
    It's kind of awkward between us
    She doesn't leave me alone
  • 6
    What activities do you do together?
    Have fun... Simple thing, things I'd also do with my friends
    We kiss
    We don't really do much together
  • 7
    How did you like this quiz for?-,:3,
    Why are you asking me this?
    Loved it!
    It sucks
  • 8
    Why do you think she hangs out with you?
    Because I'm fun to be around
    Because I'm popular
    I don't know!
    We don't hang out!
  • 9
    What do you think: Does she like you?
    She loves me
    She never seems happy around me
    Maybe a little
  • 10
    Last question: Do you like her and do you want to be her bf?
    I do like her a little
    Not sure
    She's not all too nice to me

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