Does you crush actually Like you? (Accurate)

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10 Questions - Developed by: Jaiden - Developed on: - 11.929 taken

Have you ever wondered if that special someone feel the same for you? Well this test will allow you to see if they do..(Trust me I have been through it) Just be honest and you will hopefully be surprised

  • 1
    Do you text / call this person? (Don't worry.. If you are younger there is questions you could answer)
    They don't even know me/ I don't have their number.
    Yes I do but not every day..
    I occasionally call/text them. But not always
  • 2
    Have they ever complimented you or just said something nice?
    No... sadly
    Yes! They even complimented me twice!
    In my dreams
    Yes, but like once
    Sometimes but they don't mean it...
  • 3
    Do you think they like you? (Even the slightest)
    They don't know me
    Yes! They said they like me! (Well luck you!)
    I think so but there is mixed signals
    It depends on what "Like" it is
  • 4
    How do you know them?
    I met them at school(any grade) / work
    I met them online
    Someone told me about them
    I don't know them personally/ I'm not sure
    I met them somewhere../ I just do
  • 5
    How often do you guys talk / Text?
    Once a month/ once a year
    One two or three times a week
    Every minute of the day!
    Like once twice or maybe even three times a day
    Well we text / talk but it takes forever to get a response
  • 6
    Do they seem to be around you a lot and see them at places you like often?
    Yes! But we don't talk
    Well yea.. But not necessarily at places I like
    I never seen them here...
    Yes! We always meet up here and talk!
    No sadly not!
  • 7
    Do they try to impress you/ try to make me happy or laugh
    Yea! They are always showing off.. In a good way though! ;)
    No.. Sadly not (Again:( )
    I don't know if they do qualifies as impress or trying to make me happy...
    I guess.. They tell me jokes and laugh at my not funny jokes (I'm kinda awkward)
  • 8
    Are you friends with them.. Or do you just know them?
    Well we know each other and talk occasionally... Does that count? (Yes)
    Yea I guess we are pretty good friends
    Yea we known each other since diapers and are BFF's
    No.. I just really like them.. We have seen each other though!
    They don't even know I exist..
  • 9
    Do you like them?
    Yea! I like them
    No.. (Then why do you care to take this quiz?)
    Ehh.. I just wanna know if they like me
    Yea! Heck yes I'm in Looooovvve😘😍😍
    I'm doing this for fun
  • 10
    Do they tease you/ slight annoy you to be playful?
    They don't talk, touch, or even walk past me... I think they think I'm invisible.. (Guuuurrrlll/Boooooyyyy.. You are better than them
    They tease me but nicely and they like pester me but not to be mean😇
    It depends on what they are feeling
    No not really
    Well.. They tease me but it's means and they annoy me for fun

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