Does HE Like You? (GIRLS ONLY)

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20 Questions - Developed by: Tess Strittmatter - Developed on: - 11.361 taken

Does He like you, or is your heart talking to you head? Answer all questions as quickly and accurately as you can. If you can't find an exact answer, find the answer closest to it.

  • 1
    How long have you known Him?
    Less than 5 years. We know each other well.
    A few weeks/We just met.
    For about 5 years or more. We've been long term friends.
    As long as I can remember! We grew up together.
    A few months. I know Him.
  • 2
    Where did you meet?
    We've never officially met.
    We met in school/work.
    I've seen Him around.
    We've just grown up together.
    We met at a party/social gathering.
  • 3
    How much do you talk to Him?
    We don't talk when we see each other.
    Whenever we can! We hang a lot, and have long conversations.
    Sometimes He'll smile at me, but not much.
    We hang and chat a lot.
    We greet each other when we see each other.
  • 4
    Does He compliment you?
    He's always really nice to me, but hasn't really complimented me.
    He always says something nice, even if I look like a truck.
    We don't really talk/He's not very nice to me.
    He's never complimented me.
    He will compliment me on little things every so often;)
  • 5
    Do you text or call each other a lot?
    We never text/call each other.
    We sometime call/text each other, but not for long.
    I don't have a phone/His number.
    We talk and text often.
    If we're not in person, we'll be chatting online!
  • 6
    Who calls/texts first?
    I rarely get to text/call first. He usually gets there quicker!
    He is always the first one to text/call me.
    I usually text/call first.
    I don't have a phone.
    I text or call first and He never replies./ I don't have his number.
  • 7
    What do you talk about?
    Our feelings or opinions/Whatever's going on.
    We kinda just greet each other.
    The latest news, sports, or drama, usually in a group.
    Whatever comes to mind!
    We never really talk.
  • 8
    Does He ever stare at you?
    When I see Him he usually glances at me.
    He only looks at me when we're talking.
    I've caught Him once or twice, really quick though.
    He rarely stares at me.
    Every time I look at Him he's staring right at me.
  • 9
    Does He tease you?
    Yup! Every once in a while he'll rat on me. (As a joke)
    He makes a few jokes about me.
    He never really teases me.
    Yeah! It's always ended with a little smile though.
    He jokes about me, but it's not really in a flirty, teasing way. It's kinda mean.
  • 10
    Has He ever made a joke about the two of you dating or being together?
    He hasn't but his friends have. He kinda just laughed.
    Yeah... It was really cute!
    He has never made a joke about "us".
    He made a joke about us together, but it was pretty harsh.
    I think so! It was kinda low key though.
  • 11
    How do His friends act around you?
    They just act pretty normal and chill.
    They occasionally whisper to Him or make a face around me!
    They never really talk to me.
    They don't really do much.
    They always tease Him and whisper to him when I'm around.
  • 12
    Does He have the same interests as you?
    I don't really know if we've got much in common.
    We don't really have much in common.
    Yes! We are into the same kinds of stuff! We always have the same favorites.
    We have none of the same interests, but hey, opposites attract;)
    Yeah! We have a lot of the same interests.
  • 13
    Does it ever get awkward between you two?
    We never really talk.
    It's always awkward when we talk!
    Not much, except for the occasional awkward/romantic moments;)
    Not really! Conversation just flows right through us!
    It does get awkward a few times when we talk.
  • 14
    Does He ever show off in front of you?
    Yeah! He always tries to impress me!
    Yessss! He never stops bragging, and makes sure I'm watching when He does!
    Yes. He usually does it around other people though.
    He rarely even talks to me.
    No, he's never really tried to impress me.
  • 15
    Does he look at you when you're talking in a big group?
    He looks at me a little.
    I've never seen Him do that.
    He never brakes eye contact when I'm around.
    He usually stares at me but occasionally glances away when I notice.
    He looks at me the same as everybody else.
  • 16
    Does He remember things about you?
    No, He doesn't remember much.
    Yeah! He brings them up all the time!
    Yes! He'll bring them up every so often.
    Not really anything specific.
    No, there's not much to remember.
  • 17
    Has He ever hinted about liking you?
    No, He hasn't.
    Yes! He always asks things about my love life, and He's even pretty much asked me out before!
    He hasn't said anything TOO out of the ordinary...
    Yeah! He's secretly mentioned that he likes me in hidden messages;)
    Not that I've noticed.
  • 18
    Has anyone else ever said He likes you?
    I've never heard anyone say something like that.
    Yeah, his friends tell me and my friends all the time, and my friends ship us!
    No one's said stuff like that before, except my friends.
    Yeah, people have joked about it before, but no one close to me or Him.
    Yes! A few times others have told me. My friends think so too.
  • 19
    Has He liked you before? (For sure)
    I don't think so.
    There was a rumor, but not a very big one.
    Yeah, we had this whole thing going on!
    Yes, he even asked me out a few times!
  • 20
    Do you think He likes you?
    I'm almost positive!
    I don't know, that's why I'm taking the quiz!
    Yeah, I've got this feeling!
    Not really.

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Alto ( 1.157 )
Posted 7 days ago
I like this new guy at my school and when people ask if he likes me he just shruggs.
aly ( 195.2 )
Posted 68 days ago
he luvs me he luvs me not he luvs me he luvs me not well apperently he luvs me according 2 this also if u have boy drama and need help im here 4 u message back 2 me 4 my e-mail snapchat or whatever and ill help u hope 2 hear from u soon bye
Naomianaleeyahonikeewayiihonannianne ( 44.87 )
Posted 69 days ago
great for all you peeps who have found love:)my crushes boyfriends friend told me he thinks that he does like me because when they play at recess, the crush always picks me to spy on .EEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!
Lolipop ( 1.181 )
Posted 72 days ago
He is falling for me ahhh ahhh that was awsome
Turd 88 ( 3.145 )
Posted 74 days ago
He told me he likes me
Jess ( 9.175 )
Posted 79 days ago
Oh My GAWD!!!! He LOVES me!