Which Dragon Would You Be?

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This quiz is based off of the movie series How to Train Your Dragon: Race to the Edge and centers around the five dragons of the main characters.

  • 1
    Which dragon class would you like to belong to?
    Boulder Class; dragons with a special connection to rocks
    Strike Class; fast and intelligent
    Stoker Class; dragons with some of the hottest fire known
    Tracker Class; able to follow the trail of whatever you please
    Fear Class; terrifying dragons with freakish appearances
  • 2
    How big would you be?
    Relatively small, about human-sized
    Incredibly big, three or four times longer than a human with necks four times longer than a person
    Pretty big, taller than a person and about three times longer than one
    Large, much longer than a human but very low to the ground
    Fairly big, about four times as long as a person with wide wings
  • 3
    How intelligent are you?
    Not too bright but you have a good understanding of what is going on
    Not one of the smarter dragons your strength comes from something else
    Very smart, rivaling a human in your intelligence
    The most intelligent dragon known to the world
    Medium level of intelligence, not one of the smartest though you could not be considered non-intelligent
  • 4
    What color are you?
    Red with black tiger stripes
    Black, sometimes blue markings
    Blue with mottlings of orange and yellow
    Brown with a tan underbelly
    Green-skinned with orangish-brown patterns
  • 5
    What sort of fire do you shoot?
    Lava made from molten rock
    Purple plasma flares and bursts that are able to reflect off of surfaces
    Organic Kerosene Gel that can burn down a tree in a matter of seconds
    A gas ignited with an electrical spark to cause an explosion
    The hottest fire in the dragon world, sparking and able to melt rock
  • 6
    What are some of your other abilities?
    Can engulf itself in flames, good sense of smell, physically powerful and agile, can knock a Zippleback down by pumping its wings, good climber and swimmer
    Extremely strong jaws, large mouth space, rechargeable firepower, immune to Dragon Root, physically powerful
    Venomous tail spikes that can launch at will, great precision, venomous bite, great sense of smell, strong
    Stealthy, can become a flaming wheel, good climber, very high stamina and endurance
    Echolocation, able to break the sound barrier, incredibly agile, good ground fighter, night camouflage, good sense of hearing
  • 7
    What is/are your weakness/weaknesses?
    Can lose their Fire Burst, can become cold easily and unable to shoot fire, disobedient and stubborn
    Different personalities, if one head is shot down the other one is unable to do anything
    Very slow and lazy, can become magnetic, could overheat because of diet
    Large blind spot between eyes, easily bribed, expose their belly when they shoot their spines
    No major weaknesses
  • 8
    What is your favorite food?
    Omnivorous diet, but fish
    Pretty much anything
  • 9
    What is your personality?
    Beautiful, vain, intelligent, affectionate once trained
    Smart, difficult to train, loyal once trained, peaceful when not threatened
    Constantly arguing with itself, if saved by a human will repay debt
    Lazy, slow, easily tamed, territorial, tenacious if need be
    Stubborn, mischievous, battle-hungry, independent
  • 10
    Are you male or female?
    Both heads are male

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