Should you ask him out? 10-13

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You really like this boy, and he seems to like you too, but you are not quite sure!

  • 1
    How much do you have in common?
    Mostly the same, but we don't have identical personalities!
    Not a lot, but then again, I don't know!
    A small amount
    Loads! We joke around all the time!
  • 2
    How much do you hang out?
    All the time
    I hang out with him because his best friend hangs out with me and my mates
    I don't even think he knows I exist
  • 3
    What do you think you could gain by dating him?
    I don't know, I am just taking this quiz because I am bored, my crush doesn't know I exist
    A bf! Duh!
  • 4
    Does he ever flirt with you?
    Hell yeah! Duh!
    He laughs with me, but I couldn't call it flirting...
    Of course not!
  • 5
    How much do you love him?
  • 6
    Do you ever hang out with him out of school?
    Sometimes, but it's not a regular thing, unfortunately
    Once or twice, but not alone, we always have a friend with us!
    I sometimes see him... But we are never together
    Yeah! Almost everyday we hang out together!
  • 7
    Have you ever come in close contact with him?
    We hugged, once...
    He held my hand to pull me up when I fell over
    We talked once
    Yes! One day he kissed me! XD!,
  • 8
    Does he have a gf?
    He hangs out with a girl, but they aren't dating
    I don't know
    I wouldn't let him!
  • 9
    If you had to ask him out, when would you?
    I couldn't!
    A note
    Before a lot of preparation!
    Oh, I don't know, away from the public eye, I guess.
  • 10
    Why are you taking this quiz today? (this DOES affect results!)
    Because he acts like he likes me, but says he doesn't!
    I was bored
    Well, he likes me, I just wanted to see, for definite
    To see if he likes me, that's what this quiz is for...
    I don't know, I just wanted to make it certain he doesn’t like me!

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destiny.c ( 36710 )
Posted 7 days ago
OMG! i did it i went straight up to him and asked him and he said yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! thank u soooo much bye.....
Palma ( 60816 )
Posted 28 days ago
Just wanna know if my crush loves me and if I could ask him out maybe!!!
Saskia ( 80121 )
Posted 128 days ago
Go ahead, girlfriend!

He soooo likes you!

I guess the pressure's on...
Linka ( 67422 )
Posted 233 days ago
I used to think I was going to ask out this emotionless guy but then I saw the light and said,
"What the heck was I thinking?"
Then I met Jonathan. And now that I did this quiz, I may just ask him out.
Emma ( 69502 )
Posted 259 days ago
I love him more than anything.I would do anything to be with him and if someone holds his hand this dance then I'm so killing myself!Why did Alexis tell him I like him!He is cute funny we both hangout but I want to know if I could get with him.McKellon Snell if you read this I want to say with all my heart I love you and I will never give up on being with you cause I love you.
chloe ( 95374 )
Posted 338 days ago
I got he definitely has a crush on you, but is probably waiting for you to make the first move. this quiz was alright but a tip for the future is that u shouldn't count the last question if it is asking whether you like the quiz. I liked the quiz anyways
Avigail ( 25637 )
Posted 367 days ago
I got, meh, it your choice, really. OH WOW THANKS
Kristen ( 27647 )
Posted 367 days ago
Did a guy make this and I got the same thing "you go girlfriend he soooo likes you
breana ( 59685 )
Posted 395 days ago
Laiah ( 57348 )
Posted 415 days ago
This quiz is great! Thanks. 😏
Alyssa ( 32860 )
Posted 461 days ago
Haha, this is a great quiz...really helped me out.
Florence ( 19758 )
Posted 461 days ago
Yes, I am adding a comment on my own quiz!