What Sea Creature Are You?

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Mantis shrimp? Snapping shrimp? Sailfish? Pufferfish?

  • 1
    If you could live anywhere in the ocean, where would you live?
    In a burrow waiting for my next vict-I mean-visitor. Yes. It will be so nice to have them for lunch.
    In...the ocean?
    At the bottom of the ocean, all by myself.
    In a hole with a friend. One of us can work on the hole, the other can look out for danger!
  • 2
    What is your favourite food?
    Fruit or vegetables.
  • 3
    Do you live with another person in your house that isn't family?
    I don't live with anyone, I prevent others from liv-AHEM!
  • 4
    What is your everyday outfit?
    A clown costume and hockey mask (Complete with free chainsaw!)
    Several balloons
    A business suit
    What's with these other options?
  • 5
    You are walking down the street when someone bumps into you. What do you do?
    Wait for them to apologise then walk away
    Apologise and walk away
    Turn and run for your life
    PUMMEL THE HELL OUT OF TH-I mean-walk away maturely.
  • 6
    What do you think of Wikipedia?
    I hacked into it and-du-I mean-uh...lovely weather we're having, huh?
    I think it exaggerates a bit, but it's alright
    I love it!
    I HATE IT! When I look up animals it never gives ANY info about their nesting habits or diet or anything!
  • 7
    What is your main attack method?
    I don't attack.
    Make a shockwave or somethin'
    Punch 'em. They'd be dead before they even realised I'd-I MEAN-ju-why do you need to be so specific? I never attack! Heheh...yeah...never...
    My intelligence!
  • 8
    Have you ever killed someone?
    No! Never!
    ...excuse me?
    I'll kill YOU if you don't stop askiiehahah-no
  • 9
    What is your catchphrase?
    "Brains over brawn!"
    "Just keep swimming!"
    I don't have one
    "These aren't the missing people that totally haven't been dead for three days you're looking for"
  • 10
    This isn't a question, mister
    Don't you dare turn me in to the police.
    Whoa! It happened so quickly! Haha!

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