Can you survive this awkward date?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Sophia - Developed on: - 24.390 taken

By answering the questions your date asks you, can you manage to survive this date without ending up in therapy, or worse....

  • 1
    Hey! How come you're so late?
    Oh sorry, my bus didn't turn up.
    Woop! Sorry, I just say woop sometimes.
    My baby aliens wanted more human blood.
    I kinda forgot about it, sorry mate.
  • 2
    That's ok, where do you want to go for food?
    Ummm, there's an Italian down the street fancy it?
    We could go to the graveyard, free food.
    Woop cake woop coffee woop now
  • 3
    Mmmmm, that was yummy, where too now?
    We can go to your bed, have some fun......
    We could go to the movies, I really want to see 'Ghostbusters'.
    Football match, got a spare ticket if you're interested.
    You can see my aliens. I love aliens.
  • 4
    That was fun, so, any bad points I should know about, I'm a really bad kisser, sorry about that, ha!
    I woop
    Umm, I guess I drink too much
    I eat human flesh occasionally
    Well, I bite my nails a lot, look at them! Their just little stubs now.
  • 5
    Do you want to come back to my place?
    OK, got some beers in my bag if your bothered
    Yeah sure, we could make cookies!
    OK, do you have any pets? I have some aliens.
    Woop! Only if we can go straight woop to bed, fun times ahead!
  • 6
    Ok, let's go! Do you wanna see my dark room?
    I have a dark room at home, see ya.
    Weirdo, bye
    Woop, no, I woop don't like the dark.
    Umm, bye!
  • 7
    Wait! No come back! I'll take my pants off, wait no, I'll buy you chocolates.
    Chocolate, let's go mate!
    Pants, chocolates, have any aliens?
    I like chocolates, let's go to the shop eh?
    Woop, can you just woop take your pants off, I'm woop on a diet.
  • 8
    Ok then, let's go back to mine, what would you like to do? *Offers chocolate*
    Gimme the whole box man, let's crack open a can or two.
    *Throws chocolate at a window* Eat potatoes
    Thank you, let's watch a movie
    No thanks, I'm on a diet, let's revisit the pants conversation....
  • 9
    Sounds great to me, *unlocks door* did I tell I live with my mom, hi mom!
    Um, no, you didn't say that, let's go upstairs
    Woop, hi person
    Me too, I love mommy, mommy doesn't care.
    Oh, ok, does she let you drink?
  • 10
    Let's go upstairs, ready to have some fun ;)
    Woop, yes, pants woop
    *Cracks open a can* Whatever
    Um, yeah sure...

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Night star mlp ( 21127 )
Posted 48 days ago
*gets inbarest* whoooooooooop he wants to MARRY ME WHAT