Are you a bad kid?

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Do you ever wonder if your bad cheeky average or as good as gold take this test to find out.

  • 1
    Your mum just left a big bag of lollies on the bench what do you do?
    Leave them completely alone if mother wants me to have some she will give them to me
    Stuff your hands and face then run really really fast!
    Grab a couple maybe 1 or 2
    Grab the whole bag of course!
  • 2
    There's a babysitter at the house what do you do?
    Hang out in my room maybe pull a prank or two
    Pull every prank in the book and disrespect her a bit
    Be very kind and respectful to her
    Totally disrespect her be bad, rude and nasty
  • 3
    You're at after school care like you know daycare what do you do?
    Try to be naughty and get in trouble but don't take it to over the top
    Try to keep a low profile maybe get in trouble once or twice
    Be Disrespectful rude nasty mean to everyone even the teachers
    Good as gold help them with everything and respect all the decisions
  • 4
    At school you're playing truth or dare do you?
    I think dares are stupid and I don't do them because I might get in trouble
    Do Every dare possible even if it means getting expelled
    You're not much good at dares you do some things but not much
    You are the queen of dares you will do pretty much anything people tell you to
  • 5
    There is an assistant teacher at the school who will let you do pretty much anything to him what do you do?
    Let's just say he learns my name pretty quick I pull pranks and am a bit rude and stand out
    I showed him all around the school being nice to him and pointing out all the kids pranks
    I'm the worst I hurt him and saying mean things he hates me by the end of the day
    I don't do much to him maybe I call him a name or two
  • 6
    The end of term awards are being handed out there a big deal and you see them on your teachers desk what do you do?
    Look at all of them and tell everyone if they get an award
    Leave them alone I don't want to get in trouble
    Tell the teacher that they've been left out on the desk and Dob on the kids who looked at them
    Look at them and tell my closest friends who got an award
  • 7
    Some kids in the playground are having a water fight what do you do?
    Inform the teacher immediately this cannot be happening!
    Maybe splash some of the water but trying to get in trouble
    Join and maybe get a bucket and take it over the top
    Going to the janitors closet and get a bucket and dump it over all those kids
  • 8
    Which one of these sentences best describes you?
    I'm a bad kid with a bad reputation at school
    I try to keep a low profile and be an average kid
    Everyone loves me because I help to make the school a better place
    Everyone knows me for being a naughty kid who is usually in trouble but they all love me
  • 9
    What do you do at a sleepover usually?
    Stay awake all night drinking Coke and eating chips
    Go to bed at 5:30 only eat healthy things no chips or coke allowed
    Go to bed late talk with my friends drink Coke
    Stay awake all The night or most of the night playing pranks and talking with my friends
  • 10
    Which of these best describes your friends?
    Everyone loves us them though they usually in trouble
    My friends are all part of the environment club and join a charity were as good as gold
    We have reputations the bad kids who need to be avoided
    There an average group of kids and I really like them!

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