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  • 1
    What death eater does the Trio meet when they break in at Gringotts?
    Fenrir Greyback
  • 2
    What job does Ginny Weasley briefly have after the wizarding world ends?
    Professional Quidditch player
    Witch Model
    Magical Maintenance worker
    Hogwarts professor
  • 3
    Why does Hagrid use a pink umbrella for magic instead of getting a new wand?
    A pink umbrella works best for him
    He wants to be unique
    He is banned from owning a wand
    Not mentioned
    He can't afford a new wand
  • 4
    Whose wand does Voldemort use at the battle of the seven potters?
    He uses his own wand
    The wand of one of his victims
    Lucius Malfoy
  • 5
    What does Sirius Black call Buckbeak?
    Big wings
  • 6
    What is Hermione's boggart?
    Red cap
    Ron getting mad at her
    Her failing classes
  • 7
    Who did Dumbledore have a crush on?
    Nicolas Flamel
    Professor McGonnagal
    Professor Snape
    A muggle man
  • 8
    How do some wizards/witches become ghosts when they die?
    They need to be good their whole life
    They have to be pureblood
    They need to wish to become a ghost
    Becoming a ghost is completely random
    They have to be afraid of death
  • 9
    Who was the original owner of Gryffindor's sword?
    A dark wizard
    Ragnuk the first
    The bloody baron
    One of Gryffindor's ancestors
    It always belonged to him
  • 10
    How do the death eaters track down the Trio after they Apparate from the wedding?
    A wizard that sees the Trio tries to turn them in
    The death eaters were at the same place as the Trio by coincidence
    They were able to track down people who recently apparated
    They said Voldemort's name, which tracked them down
  • 11
    When the Snatchers ask for Hermione's name, what does she say her name is?
    Cho Chang
    Fleur Delacour
    Pansy Parkinson
    Luna Lovegood
    Penelope Clearwater
  • 12
    How does Rita Skeeter find out the information of so many people at Hogwarts?
    She uses an invisibility cloak to spy on people
    She uses extendable ears while hiding
    She transforms into a beetle
    She has a group of students that find out information for her
    She uses polyjuice potion to disguise as a student so she can hear info from others
  • 13
    How do Cedric and Fleur breathe underwater during the 2nd task?
    They use a charm that gives them gills
    They use the bubblehead charm
    They use gillyweed
    They transfigure themselves into a water animal
    They drink a potion that allows them to breathe underwater
  • 14
    What is one of the creatures that Professor Lupin teaches his class how to defend themselves from?
    Blast Ended Skrewts
  • 15
    What potion does Harry Potter make in Slughorn's class when most of the students are taking their apparition test?
    Polyjuice Potion
    Love Potion
    Aging potion
    Elixir to Induce Euphoria
  • 16
    What is Harry Potter's first ever transfiguration lesson?
    Turning matches into toothpicks
    Turning rats into hamsters
    Vanishing objects
    Turning objects into pigs
    Turning chairs into desks

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Violent Rose ( 17.93 )
Posted 24 days ago
Also, their first lesson in Transfiguration was turning a matchstick into a NEEDLE, not a toothpick.

I'm sorry.
Violent Rose ( 17.93 )
Posted 24 days ago
The answer to "What does Sirius Black call Buckbeak?" is wrong. Sirius doesn't call Buckbeak that, after Sirius died (In book 6) when Harry tells Dumbledore that he doesn't want to keep Buckbeak, and to let Hagrid keep him (Since Sirius left him everything including Buckbeak), Dumbledore then tells Harry to call Buckbeak Witherwings, as not to raise suspicion.
So Sirius couldn't have ever called him Witherwings since he had died by then....
(Is it bad that I remember that conversation that Dumbledore and Harry had word for word? Yes? It is? Oh... umm... bye then)