Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1

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A question for every episode!

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    Welcome to the Hellmouth Season 1 episode 1
    What is Willow Rosenberg's first line?
    It is good to be back.
    Hey Xander!
    Oh really?
  • 2
    The Harvest Season 1 Episode 2
    What repels Luke in the opening scene?
    A Silver Cross
  • 3
    Witch Season 1 Episode 3
    Who casts the spell that switches Catherine Madison and Amy Madison's bodies?
    Catherine Madison
    Cordelia Chase
    Amy Madison
  • 4
    Teachers Pet Season 1 Episode 4
    Who else is in a cage with Xander when Natalie French is deciding who to mate with first?
    The captain of the basketball team
  • 5
    Never Kill a Boy On the First Date Season 1 Episode 5
    Who the vampire that they think is the Anointed One?
    Owen Thurman
    Andrew Borba
  • 6
    The Pack Season 1 Episode 6
    What color is the zookeeper's face paint?
  • 7
    Angel Season 1 Episode 7
    What is Angels excuse for being at Buffy's house whilst speaking to Joyce?
    Protecting Buffy From Darla
    Being Buffy's Boyfriend
    Helping Buffy With School
  • 8
    I Robot...You Jane Season 1 Episode 8
    What was the demon that was pretending to be Willows boyfriend, and what was he telling Willow his name was?
    Malcolm the Corrupter, Malcolm Brown
    Lurconis, Jonathan Leviason
    Molach the Corrupter, Malcolm Black
  • 9
    The Puppet Show Season 1 Episode 9
    Every how many years did a member of the Brotherhood of Seven need a brain?
  • 10
    Nightmares Season 1 Episode 10
    What does Hank Summers say the reason for the divorce was?
    Another woman
    They grew apart
  • 11
    Out of Mind, Out of Sight Season 1 Episode 11
    What did Willow write in Marcie Ross' yearbook?
    Have a fun filled summer
    Have a great summer
    Have a nice summer
  • 12
    Prophecy Girl Season 1 Episode 12
    After the Master exclaims "You're dead!", how does Buffy reply?
    A swift fly kick
    "I may be dead, but I'm still pretty"
    "Do I look dead to you? I know my make-up is a little smeared... but yeesh, harsh much?"

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