Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2

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  • 1
    When She Was Bad Season 2 Episode 1
    After Cordelia states to Buffy "You're really campaigning for bi**h of the year, aren't you?" how does Buffy respond?
    She just glares.
    "You would know."
    "As defending champion, you nervous?"
  • 2
    Some Assembly Required Season 2 Episode 2
    Who is being reassembled?
    Tucker Wells
    Daryl Epps
    Grace Newman
  • 3
    School Hard Season 2 Episode 3
    After knocking down what, what does Spike declare?
    Welcome to Sunnydale sign, "Home sweet home"
    Welcome to Sunnydale sign, "Here we are, Dru"
    The door during Absaloms speech, "Me and Dru, we're moving in."
  • 4
    Inca Mummy Girl Season 2 Episode 4
    When Xander finds Ampata about to kill, who states that that is their cue to leave?
    Andrew Wells
    Jonathan Leviason
  • 5
    Reptile Boy Season 2 Episode 5
    Who does Cordelia immediately go to after being rescued?
  • 6
    Halloween Season 2 Episode 6
    What does Buffy say to Spike as soon as she is herself again?
    "Hi honey, I'm home."
    "Happy Halloween."
    "A lamb, really?"
  • 7
    Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 7
    What does Buffy say to Spike when she has a stake at Drusillas heart?
    "Let them go, or you can fight alongside a big pile of dust."
    "Let them go, or you might need a feather duster for your girlfriend."
    "Let them go, or you girlfriend fits in an ashtray."
  • 8
    The Dark Ages Season 2 Episode 8
    What is the name of the demon that Giles used to summon?
  • 9
    What's My Line? part 1 Season 2 Episode 9
    What do the 3 members of the Order of Taraka that are sent to kill Buffy appear as on Drusillas tarot cards?
    The Heart, The Pain, and The Soul
    The Scar, The Plant, and The Woods
    The Cyclops, The Insect, and The Jaguar
  • 10
    What's My Line? part 2 Season 2 Episode 10
    When Buffy begins to fight Spike, how does their conversation go?
    Buffy: "I'd rather be fightin' you, anyway" Spike: "Mutual"
    They did not converse, only fought.
    Spike: "I'd rather be fightin' you, anyway" Buffy: "Mutual"
  • 11
    Ted Season 2 Episode 11
    What movie do Buffy and Joyce decide to watch, at the end?
    Thelma and Louise
  • 12
    Bad Eggs Season 2 Episode 12
    What did everyone attribute the disaster to?
    Propane leak
    Gas leak
  • 13
    Surprise Season 2 Episode 13
    When Angel says "What do you want for your birthday?" how does Buffy respond?
    "Make it a surprise"
    "Surprise me"
  • 14
    Innocence Season 2 Episode 14
    When Angel loses his soul, what does he do immediately after eating his first victim?
    Exhales smoke
    Is attacked by the Judge
    Says "The pain is gone"
  • 15
    Phases Season 2 Episode 15
    How many werewolves had Cain killed?
  • 16
    Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Season 2 Episode 16
    What color paint is Xander wearing during the ritual?
  • 17
    Passion Season 2 Episode 17
    Whose voice is speaking of passion in the background?
  • 18
    Killed By Death Season 2 Episode 18
    What does this demon's name mean in English?
    Dealer of Death
    Child Death
    Child Eater
  • 19
    I Only Have Eyes For You Season 2 Episode 19
    Who was the teacher having an affair with her student in 1955?
    Diane Brown
    Joan Smith
    Grace Newman
  • 20
    Go Fish Season 2 Episode 20
    How are the Swim Team getting their steroids?
    The steamroom
    The locker room
    The beach
  • 21
    Becoming part 1 Season 2 Episode 21
    Who originally stabbed Acathla?
    A past slayer
    A knight
    Angel, when he had a soul
  • 22
    Becoming part 2 Season 2 Episode 22
    While seeing Buffy and Angelus dual, what does Spike say?
    "Good-bye, Slayer"
    "He's gonna kill her"
    "Slayers gonna die"

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