Does a shy/awkward guy like you?

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From past experience, I know how difficult it is to figure out shy guys. If you want help in deciphering their body language/actions, then look no further

  • 1
    Okay, I KNOW that you'd have probably seen this question everywhere but have you ever caught him staring before?
    Once or twice, or never
    Yes, quite a lot actually
    Rarely, not that often
  • 2
    What was his reaction when you caught him staring?
    He didn't stare in the first place
    He glanced away and shifted around uncomfortably
    He smiled back and waved
    He looked away really quickly, turned red and ignored me for the day
  • 3
    When you're generally around him, how does he behave?
    He seem overly loud and cheery with his friends
    He appears quiet and controlled
    He behaves normally, maybe a bit louder than usual
    I don't know, how am I supposed to know how he behaves when he's not around me?
  • 4
    When you speak with him, what does his body language portray?
    He doesn't seem that composed and he fidgets a lot
    He doesn't speak to me for long, or we don't speak at all
    He seems nervous, he seems tongue twisted and he can't make eye contact
    He appears to act normally, or maybe quite happy to see you
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    Scenario: You're about to walk into class, and you both end up at the door at the same time. How does he react to this?
    He just walks in, no eye contact
    He seems surprised at first, then walks in
    He let's you go first, and seems really nervous
    He stops abruptly and waits for you to enter first without making eye contact
  • 6
    How do his friends react when you're around?
    They talk loudly, and joke around a lot
    They try to embarrass him and act dramatically and loudly
    They act normally, but maybe gesture towards you a few times
    They talk normally, like friends do
  • 7
    Does he ever approach you?
    Occasionally, maybe for some help
    Not without any friends with him
    No, we aren't really that close
    No, because he seems really shy/ nervous around me
  • 8
    Another scenario: you're walking down the hall with/without friends and you see him also walking towards you with his friends. How does he react when you pass?
    He'll start talking loudly with his friends and glance at you quickly (like lightening)
    He passes without any key motion
    He'll appear nervous yet cool and look away in the opposite direction
    He'll glance at you as you pass, then look away quickly
  • 9
    Finally, I know this isn't relevant to the quiz itself but coming up with questions about shy/awkward guy who give little indication was hard 😯, but did this help at all?
    No, I'm still having trouble deciphering him
    Not really, but it was worth a shot
    Yeah I guess
    Yes, I have an idea of how they think of me
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