Can you talk to your crush?

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The first step to becoming friends with your crush is being able to talk to them. Do you talk to your crush? And you able to be comfortable around him? Let's find out.

  • 1
    You are in the same morning advisory/class with your crush so his locker is next to yours. He come to his locker. What do you do?
    Pretend you don't see him and continue to get your stuff.
    Give a quick smile.
    Say hi
  • 2
    You and your crush are walking from your lockers and you realize you are both walking to the same class. What do you do?
    Say what's up?
    Just keep walking
    Look at him, smile, then keep walking.
  • 3
    You are in class and you need a pencil. Your crush is sitting right next to you. Would you ask him?
    Act like you're looking for something until he notices.
    Ask him. Duh. He's right there.
    Ask someone else.
  • 4
    Your crush asks you to help him on a question. What is your response most like?
    "Okay. What's the problem."
    "Sure." (smile)
    "Um.... sure.... I guess"
  • 5
    You go to lunch and you get in line. Your crush accidentally cuts you. How do you respond?
    "Excuse me, I was here."
    Say "Um.." so he realizes he did something.
  • 6
    Your crush tells you he likes the movie Geek Charming:), but you don't know what that is. What do you do?
    "Really, cool!"
    "I love that movie too!"
    "Cool, what is it about."
  • 7
    Your crush ask you what's your favorite food. You say hot dogs. Your crush says, "Really, those are gross!" What do you say.
    "You don't know what you're missing!"
    "Well, I don't like hot dogs that much."
    "Well, I like burgers better too."
  • 8
    You walk to class and you bump into your crush. His stuff drops. How do you respond and what do you do? immediately
    "Oh sorry" and help him pick up his stuff.
    "Oh, I'm really really sorry!" and drop down immediately to help get his stuff.
    "Oh I uh... sorry" and hesitate to help. A bit nervous.
  • 9
    Your crush ask you what you think of his essay he wants to turn in. You don't really like it. He asks for your honest opinion. What do you say?
    "I would just change a couple of things."
    "It's fine."
    "It's okay?"
  • 10
    You are talking a bit too loud at your crush yells "Shut the **** up" to you. How do you respond?
    "Sorry" or stay quiet
    "Excuse me, don't talk to me that way!"
    "Okay, gosh!"

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Why would a guy like geek charming
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