Where do you belong?

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A loner? A traveler? A city folk? A nature dweller?

  • 1
    Your parents tell you you're going to a wedding in Montana. how do you feel about it?
    Uh oh we are going to the wild empty country?
    A wedding? with.. a lot of people? ugh.
    Sounds like a pretty place... with mountains
    Montana has Yellowstone National park, awesome
  • 2
    There is a festival going on in L.A. and you live nearby....
    What kind of festival? If its got crazy people I'd rather not
    I have been there before but its an exciting place..I'll go
    Sounds crowded and loud... no thanks
    Definitely going ..can't miss an event like this!
  • 3
    Your crush wants to hang out and asks you where a cool place to hang would be. You suggest....
    We could go to the movies or a concert
    In my room... I have a TV and some games
    How about a peaceful place we can look at the stars
    Someplace exciting that I have never been
  • 4
    Someone nearby falls and breaks their leg. You...
    Ask if anyone's a doctor.. there must be one around. If not go look for help
    Try to help the person, but ask someone to call 911
    Slowly move away, so someone who knows what they're doing can help
    Can you text 911? There's sure to be an ambulance nearby
  • 5
    Your parents bought a new dog! You think..
    I know so many places around here I could walk it
    It would be cool except it will just add to the barking of all the neighboring dogs
    I hope it won't bite me but I looks cute
    Dogs are great. I'll walk it
  • 6
    Your cousin is staying with you for the week
    Someone to go hiking with
    Cool. She can go to that concert with me.
    She's from Australia.. I can't wait for her to tell me all about it
    I'll just stay in my room
  • 7
    What shoe do you prefer?
    Um.. something comfy
    One that works for everything
    Something I can get climb trees in
    Stylish..that's what shoes are for
  • 8
    You can't find your phone. What do you do?
    Now I'll be more bored than I was before. I guess I could read
    I guess I'll go outside without taking pictures
    My friends will think I died. Luckily I have a laptop
  • 9
    Your mom won't let you go to a party
    Whew, now I have a good excuse.
    This sucks, it was gonna be so exciting.. I'll go somewhere else instead.
    I could just sneak out. But there will be another one next week anyway.
    Well I guess I'll hang out in my tree fort alone
  • 10
    Favorite color
    Soft, meaningful colors.. green, purple, blue
    Pink, silver, gold, neon colors
    I love all the colors
    Black or dark blue I guess
  • 11
    Vehicle of choice
    Fuel efficient and economic
    Something I can go on any terrain with
    Tinted windows .. not a lot of seats
    Something sporty..
  • 12
    A black cat runs by...
    Too many strays around..
    ..*pets it
    It crossed my path..bad luck..great, i'm doomed
    I haven't seen him around before...wonder where he came from
  • 13
    Your crush talks to you, what do you do?
    Plays it off cool.. for the most part
    Ask them about their vacation?
    *nervous sweats*
    Wishes you'd known beforehand so you could have worn nicer clothes
  • 14
    It's your birthday
    Goes to lake with a few people
    Stays in room
    Has a party
    Goes somewhere fun
  • 15
    Final question: how would you describe yourself
    Outside is better than inside
    Social and fun
    You like to try new things
    Don't really like people

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