Are you a tomboy?

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Find out if you are a tomboy though a few simple questions

  • 1
    Do you mind getting dirty?
    Mind it? I love to get dirty
    Eh, I won't if I don't have to
    No thanks ...
    I'd really rather not
    I have no problem with some good dirt
  • 2
    What is your ideal day?
    Walk my dog in the park or hit up the music store
    Doing something active, preferably outside, like sports.
    Read a book at home
    Chill with some friends
  • 3
    A boy you like talks to you, what do you do?
    Start texting your friends immediately after
    Freak out on the inside
    Get talking and ask him out.
    Try your best to start a conversation, try to become his friend
    Enjoy the moment but don't say much
  • 4
    There's a school dance do you go?
    Maybe. it might be fun.. if the music is good
    Nahh.. I'd lose my streak of not attending that stuff
    Only if I have a date.
    Wearing a dress can't be that bad? I guess so
    With all my friends.. of course
  • 5
    Favorite color
    Gold, magenta or pink
    Purple, blue, green, or red
    Orange, yellow, or a variation
    Neon or florescent colors
    Brown, black, white
  • 6
    Where would you go on your weekend?
    Friends house
    To a party
    Stay home, on the phone or laptop
    Nearby recreation center
    On a hike in the woods
  • 7
    What kind of clothes do you wear?
    Vans, a beanie and a graphic tee maybe joggers
    Nothing to fancy, maybe skinny jeans a flannel and a snapback with some hi top shoes
    Leggings .. whatever shirt with leggings
    Dresses, skirts, or anything that shows I know fashion
    Flats with a nice top, leggings and a scarf
  • 8
    What would you do while babysitting?
    Arts and crafts and they get stickers if they're good. its all planned out
    Watch TV or play on my phone, the kids can watch tv
    Play dress up and give them makeovers
    Tell them stories and pretend we are characters in a fairytale
    Build a fort with them and just play
  • 9
    You just stepped in dog poop. what do you do?
    Just walk and wipe on the grass
    Try to clean it off with a stick and then just walk barefoot
    Probably cry, honestly.
    Pay a nearby kid 5 bucks to clean it off
    Use a stick to get it off your shoe
  • 10
    If you had to pick one of these careers what would you choose?
    Traveling sales agent, teacher, janitor, professional netflix watcher
    Park ranger, police, military, investigator, coach
    Assistant, dentist, news anchor, social worker, caregiver
    Scientist, doctor, lawyer, politician
    Artist, stunt double, drummer, animal trainer

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