What level gymnast are you?

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Ever curious about your gymnastics abilities? Well, take this fun engaging quiz to learn! I am a level 6 and have lots of "level knowledge" when it comes to gymnastics! This test is also for people who want to start gymnastics (highly recommended) and want a sense of what level they are. And, you don't need to be able to do 20 push ups in a minute or have all splits, just the fundamentals of the sport that changed many! Enjoy:)

  • 1
    How many years have you been doing gymnastics?
    Less than a year to a year
    4 to 6 years
    6 to 9 or over nine
    A year to 3 years
  • 2
    What is your best front tumbling pass?
    Totally beginner just handstands and limbers/front walkovers
    Front handspring, front hand spring step out front handspring, front tuck/pike
    I twist (you are incredible), connected twisting (ex. front layout into a front half)
    Double front tuck/pike, front handspring front tuck/pike,
    layouts, front handspring layout
  • 3
    What is your best back tumbling pass?
    I do the crazy stuff elites do
    Round off tuck, round off back handspring tuck, layout
    cartwheels, forward/backward rolls, round offs
    Twisting baby!
    Round off back handspring, round off 2 back handspring
  • 4
    Let's do some beam!
    Back handspring into layouts, tucks, wolf turns, twisting dismounts
    Handstands, cartwheels, more advanced jumps, working on back walkovers, half turns
    Just simple mounts and jumps, side handstand dismount and working on handstands
    Connected back handsprings, working on back or front tucks
    Back/front walkovers, back handspring step outs, front/back tuck dismounts, full turns
  • 5
    How about bars
    Soul circles, squat on, jump to high bar, turn touch dismount, working on kips
    Amazing things like releases, if you at this level you are incredible
    Kip, clear hip, flyaway (tuck or layout)
    Pullovers, casts, back hip circles
    Free hips, giants, pirouettes, straddle through, cast to handstands
  • 6
    Twisting, front to back tumbling (ex. front tuck step out round off back tuck)
    Harder than all of the above
    Connected flipping pikes, layouts, tucks (ex. round off back handspring back tuck or front handspring front tuck)
    Back handsprings and connected back handsprings, back tucks
    I have answered in this box many other times
  • 7
    How dedicated are you?
    I just do gymnastics for fun I don't care that much about skipping a class or two.
    I am home schooled because of gymnastics
    I eat sleep and breathe gymnastics
    I am dedicated but not soo much
    I am very dedicated and practice extra hard either in the gym or other time
  • 8
    I almost forgot vault!
    Front handspring
    Half on/off, front handspring fulls off
    Handstand flat back
    Sukahara Tuck/pike
    round offs on
  • 9
    Are you on a team?
    I got invited but I had problems
    Yes I do xcel
    No I do not want to be
    Yes I do USAG
    No I never got invited
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?
    No I did not
    I liked it
    Not really
    I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to someone:)
    It is okay

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