Your Type of Girlfriend

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  • 1
    The thing you want in a partner the most is:
    Obviously personality is important, but I also need somebody physically and facially attractive
    Great personality
    Face (nobody wants somebody unattractive)
    Face and body (I'm not looking for a long-term relationship)
  • 2
    Your ideal first date:
    Sex; no dates after that (unless it's REALLY good)
    A simple walk, picnic, movie, etc.
    A romantic dinner or movie; I'll give her the time of her life
    Anything she wants:)
    Sex; if she gets along with me well, I'll consider another date
  • 3
    After the first date, you:
    Walk her home, tell her what a great time you had, and kiss her goodnight
    Never see her again, find another girl, then repeat questions 1 and 2 the same way again
    If the date went well, you call her again and get to know her
    Walk her to her house, and if she invites you in, make love
    Shyly ask her if she wants to do it again; you're too shy to kiss her
  • 4
    Your ideal woman wears:
    Something that a high school would probably dress code her for
    Something simple but incredibly sexy
    Something simple and modest; jeans or skirt, t-shirt and has her hair in a headband or ponytail
    Literally anything is fine by me
    Little to nothing ;)
  • 5
    She says to you that she wants sex. It has most likely been how long since your first date?
    Like 10 minutes since it ended
    It's been a few months and we have a great understanding of each other
    We haven't even started the "date" yet
    It's been 2 years and we're married
    3 weeks to a month
  • 6
    When she asks for sex, you:
    Are already on the floor doing it with her
    Say hell yeah and jump onto the bed.
    Say you would love to but only if you think you're both ready
  • 7
    You hope this relationship will last:
    I'd like it to last a long time...
    One hot night
    Hell if I know...
  • 8
    If you ever got into a fight with your partner (however big) it would be over:
    Something silly
    Something sexual
  • 9
    You and your significant other are looking for a swimsuit for her. You suggest:
    A tight, revealing bikini
    That she just wear her normal clothes because you don't care about looks, not to mention that it saves money
    That she forgets about the swimsuit and take you to her house
    The bikini in her favorite color
    What she feels comfortable wearing
  • 10
    You take your girlfriend to a movie. What type of movie is it?
    An R-rated romance movie
    A PG-rated romantic comedy
    A movie you have both been dying to see
    A pornography on your computer to give her examples
  • 11
    Your partner wears how much makeup?
    Too much; but I won't be looking at her face ;)
    I don't care as long as she loves me
    I want her to care about how she looks, but she doesn't need much
    Enough to make her look beautiful beyond imaginable
    Just enough to show off that amazing face
  • 12
    She wants you to meet her parents. Your response:
    She would never have asked me that; this is a one-time thing
    After a while of trying to get out of it, you reluctantly agree
    We don't need to meet each other's parents, we only need our passion for one another
    Sure, they must be great people!
  • 13
    She tells you she is on her period.
    That's fine, I'll use your mouth instead!
    You stay on her good side and enjoy your day with her
    You decide to get as close to sex as possible without getting naked
    It doesn't make much difference to you
  • 14
    It is your wedding day. You:
    Are happy that your relationship turned out to be a keeper
    Are convinced that your relationship will be able to survive on sex and passion alone
    Must be in Vegas, high as fuck
    Are the most excited you've ever been
  • 15
    She is pregnant. You:
    Realize that unprotected sex was a bad idea
    Are happy that your kids are going to have great faces
    Realize that she has been with too many other guys without protection
    Are happy to have finally been blessed with a child of your own with the love of your life

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