Does He Like You?

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Have you ever wondered if your crush likes you? Is he staring at your or your friend? Has this question driven you crazy? Well wait no more! This quiz will finally rest your thoughts and reassure your doubts. Continue for the answer you've been waiting for!

  • 1
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
    Almost never
  • 2
    Does he ever "accidentally" touch you?
    I'm not sure if he does it on accident or on purpose
  • 3
    Does he ever lean toward you when engaged in a conversation?
    Not really
    Never noticed
    We don't talk
  • 4
    Does he laugh at all your jokes even if no one else is?
    Never noticed
    I don't joke
  • 5
    Eye contact is a display of interest. As long as they blink every now and then (do not mistake for intimidation caused by TOO much eye contact). Does he hold eye contact during conversations?
    We don't talk
    He always looks bored/doesn't care
  • 6
    When you catch him staring at you, does he...
    Blush and look away?
    Hold eye contact?
    Look away as fast as possible?
    He doesn't ever stare at me
  • 7
    When he catches YOU staring at him, he....
    Holds eye contact
    I'm too scared to look at him
  • 8
    Does he ask you about yourself often?
    He's extremely arrogant and only talks about himself
    We don't talk
  • 9
    Who usually begins the conversation?
    I always do
    I never do
    He always does
    He never does
    Sometimes he does, sometimes I do
  • 10
    Does he have your number? If so, how often do you guys text?
    Yes, we always text
    Yes, we never text
    He doesn't have my number
    He has my number but never texts me
    Yes, I always have to start the conversation
  • 11
    If he has your number, how did he get it?
    He asked for it
    I offered to give him my number
    Group project
    I've known him since forever, we're best friends
    He never asked
  • 12
    Does he often brush dust off his clothes (even if it's not there), or fix hair/accessories when engaging in a conversation with you?
    Sometimes, but he's a very neat person
    Sometimes, he fixes things that are perfect
    I've never noticed
    We don't talk
  • 13
    Does he tend to invite you to group gatherings?
    Yes but he never talks to me when we're there
    Sometimes, but it's very friendly and last minute
  • 14
    When he talks to you, where do his eyes wander?
    My body
    My lips
    My face
    My eyes
    Around the room
  • 15
    Is he in a relationship?
    Yes, but it's not serious
    He just broke up with his girlfriend
    He doesn't date
  • 16
    Does he act different around you? If so, how?
    Yes, he's nicer
    Yes, he's shyer
    Yes, he's louder
    No, he always acts the same
    I'm not sure, I hardly ever see him
  • 17
    When he first saw you, what was his expression like?
    He froze
    We've known each other our whole lives
  • 18
    Is your crush driven by lust or love?
    Lust, all I can think about is him on my bed
    Love, he's so sweet and romantic
  • 19
    When he's around you does he..
    Joke a lot?
    Try to act all cool and chill?
    Act the same?
    Act a little more obnoxious?
  • 20
    You took this test because?
    There's this stupidly beautiful boy I can't stop thinking about
    I'm in love
    I can't sleep thinking about this boy
    There's a creeper I'm trying to figure out
    For fun

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Thanks for the Quiz :D!