Who are you in the Death Note world?

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Find out which character you are most like from Death Note.

  • 1
    What kind of person are you in your friend group?
    The one that doesn't speak out against anything, but doesn't make suggestions either.
    The one that secretly judges everyone in the group.
    The one that is friendly and nice to everyone, no matter who they are.
    The one that would rather stare at your crush then get involved with friends.
    The one that sits back and doesn't really care what's going on.
  • 2
    What kind of person are you in the classroom?
    The one that tries really hard but gives up after understanding nothing.
    The one who doesn't do anything because you know you'll still ace the test.
    The one that is always called on because you're the only one who knows the answer.
    The one that stares at your crush, wishing that they liked you back.
    The one that would rather be doing anything else than sitting in a boring classroom.
  • 3
    What kind of person are you at home?
    The one that is always friendly and is the favorite child.
    The one that says "good" when your parent asks how your day was.
    The one that gets depressed because your crush didn't notice you again.
    The one that comes in with a smile on your face and can't wait to tell about your day.
    The one that would rather be alone playing your phone than making conversation.
  • 4
    Light won. True or False?
    It's hard to say. I'm still devastated about his death, but eventually you have to accept that he made a mistake.
    No. Everything went downhill when Near replaced the Death Note. He could've won, but he made one mistake that led to his failure.
    Yes. He was just too brilliant. He got away and never had to pay for his crimes. Go, Light!
    Everything he did seems pointless. Besides, I was rooting for a different character.
    Probably. Maybe not. Depends on the way he looks at it, I guess. Shinigami realm for eternity is better than jail for the rest of your life, right?
  • 5
    L won. True or False?
    No. Kira never paid for his crimes, making it a fantastic, ingenious getaway. The thief got away with the goods and the cop was left with nothing but a notebook.
    Everything happens for a reason, and you're glad that it ended the way it did, as a question as to who really won.
    Yes. He didn't really die when Rem wrote his name in the Death Note. Even though he didn't come back, Near, his successor, beat him and couldn't have done it if L hadn't started the case.
    You were rooting for Light, and are kind of still in shock that he's dead, but at the end of the day, you have to come to grips with the fact that L's side won.
    L died at the end of season one, and even if he didn't really die, he abandoned the case, making it a win for Near.
  • 6
    How smart do you think you are?
    This question needs no explanation.
    I try pretty hard to be smart, but I only act smart when I feel like it. So... not at school.
    Intelligence is just a thing that describes a person of memorization, nothing more.
    I'm the kid who just wings everything and sometimes just happens to make good grades. So... average I guess.
    I'm pretty smart, but I don't like to brag about it. Grades are pretty much everything.
  • 7
    If you had a superpower, what would it be? (Kind of a Code Geass question, so don't get confused.)
    The power to read minds.
    The power to make people do what I say, regardless of the consequences.
    The power to make anyone I want love me.
    The power to be entertained at any moment.
    The power to stop time.
  • 8
    What is the scariest out of these things?
    Rejection by everyone.
    Finding that your crush doesn't like you.
    Not really any of these. I'm scared of strange things.
    Being caught doing something you're not supposed to be doing by your parents.
    Having nothing to do, ever. Eternal boredom.
  • 9
    If you were about to die, what would you say?
    Snap. Guess I should've lived a happier life.
    Well, I wasn't expecting that.
    Here it comes. I'm ready... I'm ready... I'm ready!
    But I don't want to die!
    Ok? And that's bad because...
  • 10
    Did you pick every answer truthfully, or did you pick the ones you thought would give you the answer you wanted? (And yes this answer counts.)
    Um, yes? Kind of hard not to when the answers are obvious.
    If I were, I probably wouldn't say I was, I'd pretend it was the truth.
    I honestly want to know the truth. I've tried really hard to pick the real answers.
    I picked random ones to make it interesting.
    This is just a quiz that might not even give me the truth so...

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