Pokemon True or False: Pokemon Master

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Covers up to Black 2 and White 2. Prove yourself that you're a Pokemon master!

  • 1
    The game has stated, at least once, that Raichu was able to evolve, regardless the fact.
  • 2
    The highest leveled Pokemon owned by a non-Facility trainer is Red's Pikachu, at level 88.
  • 3
    There is a legit, non-glitch Pokemon in any regional Pokedex with number #000.
  • 4
    The fifth movie stars Latias and Latios.
  • 5
    Smeargle is able to use every move.
  • 6
    Magnemite used to be a pure Electric-type Pokemon in Generation II.
  • 7
    It is possible to bypass the Time Capsule's limitations and send the Generation II Pokemon to the Generation I games.
  • 8
    Ash Ketchum has won at least one regional league.
  • 9
    There are two of Ash's Pokemon to disobey him at one point.
  • 10
    Professor Rowan states that at least 90% Pokemon are linked to evolution.
  • 11
    The first Pokemon, by index number, is Bulbasaur.
  • 12
    The first Pokemon, according to Sinnoh legends, is Arceus.
  • 13
    The first Pokemon, stated to contain all genetic code (DNA) of every Pokemon in existence, is Mew.
  • 14
    In the history of Pokemon anime, there have been at least five banned or unaired episodes internationally.
  • 15
    The most damaging move by base power without fainting recoil is Blast Burn.
  • 16
    Battle situation:

    If a Pokemon equipped with Scope Lens were to use Thunder, its accuracy would be 77%.
  • 17
    There are two of Vespiquen's signature move: Attack Order and Defend Order.
  • 18
    If a Fire-type Pokemon were to use a damaging Fire-type move-boosted Fire Gem under Blaze in Gen V against Paras under sunshine, then its multiplier stacked into at least 25 times usual damage.
  • 19
    No Pokemon could be immune under at least two damaging-weather simultaneously, not counting Shadow Sky.
  • 20
    We are able to dive underwater starting from Generation III onwards.

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