What Character Are You In The False Prince?

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Every character is amazing in their own way... so which one is amazing like you?

  • 1
    You have two weeks to morph from an orphan into a prince. How do you go about it?
    I allow the competition to think they are ahead, then quickly turn the tables, effectively ruining their chances, while making them indebted to me.
    I push my way to the top by brute force.
    Well I wouldn't need to do much, after all, I'm a genius.
    I work extra hard to become better than the competition.
    Me? A prince? I'm fine as an orphan, thank you very much.
  • 2
    You are in a battle, meant to be a battle to the death, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that your foe is going to win. You:
    Beg mercy. You hope to build your skills and live to fight again.
    Fight to the death - even if it's my own.
    My foe would not be better than me.
    Try to talk sense into him.
    Pretend to surrender, then when your foe lays down his weapon, certain of his victory, you finish the battle.
  • 3
    During the competition, you discover a compromising secret about one of your opponents. What do you do with this information?
    Immediately rat them out.
    Leave them be. I've got secrets of my own.
    Blackmail them into dropping out of the competition.
    Pretend you didn't see it.
    Kill them.
  • 4
    Someone confronts you for stealing something from the master of the house. How do you respond?
    I would never steal from the master of the house.
    I'd blame someone else.
    I'd panic.
    I stole it from him, who stole it from me. What I did only set the universe back in order.
    I'd lie and say I didn't take it.
  • 5
    Describe yourself in one word.
  • 6
    What is your deepest fear?
    Losing someone I love.
    My own heart
    Being alone.
  • 7
    You are on trial for something you didn't do. How do you react?
    Fight my way out.
    Bite my tongue. The less I say, the better it will be.
    Talk my way out.
    Stubbornly insist that I'm right. I am, after all.
    Fight back as long as I'm not endangering anybody else.
  • 8
    Someone is staring at you. You:
    Ignore them
    Stare back, starting an awkward endless loop of staring.
    Wink at them
    Look at the floor and pray for them to look away
    Push the hair out of my face and sit up straighter
  • 9
    Your worst character flaw is:
    I put my needs before the needs of others.
    I tent to do what I always do - no longer stopping to think whether or not it's right.
    I should have been a redhead - I've got the temper for it.
    I'm too sure of myself.
    My death will be a result of being sarcastic at the wrong time.
  • 10
    Your greatest strength is:
    If I love you, I'd kill for you.
    I always pay my debts.
    I would hurt myself to protect someone I love.
    I never turn my back on a friend.
    I take it as a challenge when someone tels me I can't do something.

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