Does she loves you?

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19 Questions - Developed by: A simple guy who loves his crush more than anything! - Developed on: - 7.954 taken

In this quiz, you'll find out if your crush loves you! Warning, this might not be 100% accurate

  • 1
    When you're in the same room, does she come and sit beside you?
    Yes! She always sits beside me!
    Only when her friends are not around.
    We're never in the same room.
  • 2
    Does she often laugh when she's around you?
    Yes! Always!
    Yes, is she making fun of me (in a bad way)?
    Only when her friends are telling her a joke.
  • 3
    Does she often play with her hairs (when talking to you/when she's around you)?
    Yes but she might just be in love with her hairs...
  • 4
    Does she try to catch your attention?
    Yes! She often calls at me even though she's with her friends.
    Only to ask me a favor.
  • 5
    Does she smiles at you?
    Never... she hates me (why are you taking this quiz then?)
    Only when her friends are around.
  • 6
    What if one day, you're sad/angry, and she comes near you. How does she react?
    She asks me what's going on.
    She does not care.
    She does not notice me.
    We're friends, so she comes help me!
  • 7
    When talking to her, how far is she from you?
    1/2 feet away from me (she is really close).
    I don't pay attention to that.
    We don't talk.
    She is 5 feet away from me.
  • 8
    If you would go in a room where you would unexpectedly find her, how would she react?
    After you come in (3/5 seconds later), she shouts my name and wants me to join her and her friends.
    I never get to see her anywhere.
    She keeps talking with her friends.
    She looks at you but does not say anything.
  • 9
    Does her sibling(s)/friends make love jokes about you?
    Yes! It's getting annoying!
    Yes, but only her sibling makes love jokes about us.
    Yes! Her friends make love jokes about us!
    They don't even know who I am...
  • 10
    Has she introduced you to her friends/family?
    Yes! She introduced me multiple times to many of her friends/classmates, etc.
    She has not yet, but I guess she will...
    Her friends are also MY friends.
    No I introduced her to my friends/family.
  • 11
    Does she talk about you to her friends?
    I think so because when I walked around her and her friends, they stopped talking!
    Maybe... how am I supposed to know?
    I think so! Because when she introduced me to her friends, she said "Hey guys, that is (your name)!".
    I don't think.
  • 12
    Does she laugh at what you say?
    Only when it's funny.
    Yes! All the time!
    We don't talk.
  • 13
    Are you in the same school bus? If so, where is she sitting?
    Beside me even though her friends are in the bus too!
    In the seat next to me!
    At the opposite side of the bus.
    She does not take the same bus as me.
    She sits with me only when her friend is not there.
  • 14
    Has she ever insulted you?
    In a friendly way/as a joke.
    Yes... she often insults me:(
    Once or twice..
  • 15
    When you first see each other (every day), what does she say?
    Nothing... we don't talk.
    "Hi (your name)! How are you?:)"
    She does not notice me.
  • 16
    Do you text each other? If so, is she the one who starts a conversation?
    It's 50/50
    Always me!
    Always her!
    Always her... because she needs to ask me a basic question that's not even about me.
    We don't text.
  • 17
    Is she nervous around you?
    No, she's over confident with everyone!
    Only if there's a popular guy around me and her...
  • 18
    Do you think she loves you?
  • 19
    Does she flirt with you?
    Always! How did you know?
    She flirted once or twice...

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Random Guy ( 96880 )
Posted 305 days ago
It was helpful, but there are many mistakes in gramar
Hair is on the head, Hairs are on the whole body
When there is DOES SHE then there can't be Smile's but there should be smile
So please with this help please fix your mistakes in these questions 3,5